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[68 Stat. IX]
[68 Stat. IX]

SUBJECT INDEX Appropriations—Continued Page Klamath Indians—Continued School facilities at Chiloquin, Oreg., authorized 980 Markham Ferry project, Okla., authorized 450 Medical Facilities Survey and Construction Act of 1954, authorization 461,462 Michaud Flats project, Idaho, construction, etc., authorized 1028 Military and naval installations, construction at, authorized 561, 1125 Appropriation for 819 Mutual Security Act of 1954, authorized 833-864 Appropriation for 449, 1219 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, authorized 78, 142 Appropriation for 285 National Monument Commission, authorized 1030 National parks, acquisition of nonFederal land within existing boundaries, authorized 1037 National Wool Act of 1954, appropriation for reimbursement for payments to producers 911 Naval vessels, certain, construction and conversion, authorized 679 North Pacific Fisheries Act of 1954, authorized 701 Oahe Dam, S. Dak., payment to Sioux Indians for land, relocation of members, etc., authorized 1194 Obligation of funds, reports by Federal agencies 830 Oregon, exchanges of administrative jurisdiction over certain lands in, authorized 272 Palo Verde Irrigation District, Calif., construction of diversion dam, authorized 1047 Pan American Institute of Geography and History, United States obligations, authorized 1008 Pesticide chemicals in or on raw agricultural commodities, regulation, authorized 517 Post offices, discontinued, reimbursement for equipment owned by postmasters, authorized 766 Potomac River bridges, authorized.. 962, 964 Public facility loans, authorized 643 Appropriation for 817, 818 Rogue River Basin reclamation project, Greg., construction of Talent Division, etc., authorized 753


Appropriations—Continued Pago San Joaquin Valley, Calif., construction of water works for waterfowl management areas, authorized 879 Santa Margarita River project, authorized 578 Santa Maria project, Southern Pacific Basin, Calif., authorized 1190 School facilities in Federally affected areas, assistance to local communities, authorized 1005 Appropriation for 87, 439 Ship construction, mortgage insurance, authorized 1276 Statement of appropriations, preparation, appropriation for 405 Tankers, construction of, authorized 681 Appropriation for 824 Tariff Commission review of customs tariff schedules, authorized 1137 Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, civil administration, authorized 330 Appropriation for 372 Unemployment compensation for Federal employees, authorized 1135 Appropriation for 809 Urban planning and reserve of planned public works, authorized 640, 641 Appropriation for 817 Vessels of United States seized by foreign countries, protection of rights, authorized 883 Virgin Islands Organic Act, authorized. 510 Appropriation for 814 Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1954, authorized 652, 659, 665 War Claims Act, detention benefits and prisoner of war compensation under, extension to Korean hostilities, authorized 760, 7612 Appropriation for 815 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, authorized 668 Appropriation for 81!2 White House Conference on Education, authorized 532 Appropriation for 809 Woodrow Wilson Centennial Celebration Commission, authorized 965 Yankton Sioux Tribe, S. Dak., relocation, authorized 453 Appropriation for 813 Arbitration, amendment of obsolete provisions 1233 Arbitration and Emergency Boards, National Mediation Board, appropriation for 24, 446 Architect of the Capitol: American Legion National Convention of 1954, space use permits, etc 743