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[68 Stat. xxvi]
[68 Stat. xxvi]

XXVI Private Law

995 996 997

998 999. - . 1000. - _ 1001 _ - 1002 - _.



Hayik Vartiyan and family. AN ACT For the relief of Hayik (Jirair) Vartiyan, Annemarie Vartiyan, and Susanig Armenuhi Vartiyan Sept. 1, 1954_-_ Radu Florescu and wife. AN ACT For the relief of R a d u Florescu and Nicole Elizabeth Michel Florescu Sept. 1, 1954 Wah Chang Corp. AN ACT To confer jurisdiction upon the United States Court of Claims to hear, determine, and render j u d g m e n t on the claim of W a h Chang Corporation against the United States Sept. 1, 1954__. Birmingham Iron Works, Inc. AN ACT For the relief of the Birmingham Iron Works, Incorporated Sept. 2, 1954 ErtogroulOsman. AN ACT For the relief of Ertogroul Osman__ Sept. 2, 1954_._ J. A. Vance Co. AN ACT For the relief of the J. A. Vance Company Sept. 3, 1954___ Clarence D. Newland. AN ACT For the relief of Clarence D. Newland Sept. 3, 1954__. David W. Wallace. AN ACT For the relief of D a v i d W. Wallace Sept. 3, 1954...


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