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[68 Stat. 20]
[68 Stat. 20]



[ 68 ST A T.

April 14, 1954 [H. Con. R e s. 22S]

FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAY ACT OF 1954 Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concurring), C o r r e c( H. R. 812'?!'°" ^" That in the enrollment of the bill (H. R. 8127) to amend and suppleAnte, p. 70. ment the Federal-Aid Road Act approved July 11, 1916 (39 Stat. 355), as amended and supplemented, to authorize appropriations for continuing the construction of highways, and for other purposes, the Clerk of the House is authorized and directed to make the following correction: In section 13 of the bill strike out "The Commissioner of Public Roads" and insert in lieu thereof "The Secretary of Commerce". P a s s e d April 14, 1954. April 22, 1954 [5. Con. R e s. 60]


Resolved by the Senate {the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress favors the suspension of deportation in the case of each alien hereinafter named, in which case the Attorney General has suspended deportation for more than six months: A-4934625, Abbey, Alfred. T-107480, Advocat, J u d i t h (nee Levy). V-777692, Ahn, Chung Oak. V-777692, Ahn Moo Hei. A-6610497, Aniag, Federico Enriquez. A-2691316, Anninos, Spiros or Spiros Markantonatos. A-5062766, Athanasiades, Peter or Panagiotis Michael Malakas. T-142741, Aurora, Delantar. A-5834397, Ayala-Rodriguez, Demetrio. A-5919879, Back, Erik Nestor Ernfried. 0300-123824, Bahchavan, Marika Stelianou. A-9707485, Ban, Chan or Ban Chan or Chin Bin. V-905914, Barba, Teresa Felipe or Teresa Felipe Agcaoili Asuncion. V-529612, Bartoli, Nondina Massetti. V-1634429, Benjamin, Artzweek (nee Hartoun or Hartounian). A-4037830, Benedetti, Cipro or Cipro Giovanni Maf aldo Bendetti. V-455711, Bennett, Panalig Gomez (nee Jose) or Fannie Gomez Jose Bennett. E-22435, Berger, H a r r y or Mordka Sznaieder. A-3408662, Bing, Moy or Bang Moy. 0403-2698, Bonanni, Aristide or Harry Bonanny. T-1807528, Brosch, Mary Elizabeth. A-2363302, Burgos-Mariscal, Baltazar. A-5072218, Burns, James Johnson. A-6592473T, Butani, Kalyan Gyanden or Kalyan Gyandev Butani. T-1497408, Caraviotis, Gerassimos or Jerry Caar or George Kalamiotis. A-5347538, Carlsen, Alf Sof us. T-1892575, Caro, Domingos Salvador. A-1789328, Casella, Ilario Paul or Mario or Flavio Casella. A-7266012, Castro, Mabel Christina De or Belle Sommers or Mabel Ferrav. T-1495439, Cerda, Luis Mario. T-2760826, Chan, Albert Jeung or Chan Foon J u n g. A-5396158, Chang, Tsuen-Kung. A-4886664, Chen, Peter You Lo or Chen You Lo. A-9559629, Chew, Dick Wah. V-889258, Chiang, Richard Chi-Chen.