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[68 Stat. 50]
[68 Stat. 50]

B50 June 4, 1954 [H. Con. R e s. 236j

Congratulations of Congress.

June 16, 1954 [S. Con. R e s. 87] Reenrollment o f S. 2657. Ante, p. 269.

June 22, 1954 [S. Con. R e s. 89] Printing of additional c o p i e s of Senate Report.





Whereas this year marks the one hundredth anniversary of Florence Nightingale's historic nursing of the wounded in the Crimean W a r; and Whereas Nurse Genevieve de Galard-Terraube, officer of the Army of the Republ.ic of France, in her ministering to the sick and wounded at Dien Bien Phu and her subsequent service to her comrades as prisoners of the Viet Minh has provided an example of the courage of a woman in battle and of the devotion of a nurse to her sworn duty which has been unsurpassed in this century; and Whereas this inspiring woman is representative of the devotion to duty of soldiers of the Republic of France, which has been an ally of the United States for one hundred and seventy-eight years and whose people today are considered the warm friends of the people of the United States; and Whereas Nurse Genevieve de Galard-Terraube's example of fortitude in the face of supreme danger has changed the fall of Dien Bien Phu from a military reversal to a great psychological victory of the undefeatable principles of free mankind fighting the force of darkness; and Whereas this nurse, known affectionately as "The Angel of Dien Bien P h u " embodies the finest attributes of free women accepting with men the full burden of living in our modern world: Therefore be it Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concurring)^ That the Congress hereby extends to Nurse Genevieve de GalardTerraube its warm congratulations for her gallant service and invites her, at the earliest time convenient to her and her country, to v,isit the United States as an honored guest. The President is respectfully requested to transmit copies of this resolution to the Government of France, and to Nurse Genevieve de Galard-Terraube. P a s s e d June 4, 1954.


Resolved by the Senate {the House of Representatives concurring)^ That the action of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in signing the enrolled bill (S. 2657), to amend the Act entitled "An Act to regulate the practice of the healing art to protect the public health in the District of Columbia", be, and the same is hereby, rescinded; and that the Secretary of the Senate be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to reenroll the bill with the following change, namely: On page 2, line 6, after the word "or" insert the word "by". Agreed to June 16, 1954. "INTERNAL REVENUE CODE O F 1954 "

Resolved by the Senate {the House of Representatives concurring)^ That there be printed seven thousand two hundred additional copies of Senate Report Numbered 1622, current Congress, entitled "Internal Revenue Code of 1954", of which two thousand copies shall be for the Senate document room; fifteen hundred copies for the use of the Committee on Finance; two thousand copies for the House document room; fifteen hundred copies for the Committee on Ways and Means; and two hundred copies for the Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. Agreed to June 22, 1954.