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[68 Stat. IV]
[68 Stat. IV]



Oats, import quota Organization of American States, United States support "Organized Communism in the United States", printing of additional copies of report

c29 B51


P Pan American Day, 1954, proclamation._ Permanent Residence Status. See Aliens. Philippine Articles, extension of period of duty-free t r e a t m e n t in United States. Prayer, National Day of, 1954, proclamation Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 1954, proclamation Prayers, Special, for freedom of worship behind Iron Curtain Proclamations: Almonds, shelled and prepared, import fees Armed Forces D a y, 1954 Armistice D a y, 1953 Arms, ammunition, and implements of war, enumeration of Cancer Control Month, 1954 Child Health D a y, 1954 Citizenship Day, 1953 Citizenship D a y, 1954 Collisions a t sea, regulations for preventing Columbus Day, 1953 Copyright, J a p a n Fire Prevention Week, 1954 Flag Day, 1954 Flag of United States, display a t halfstaff upon death of certain officials and former officials General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. See Trade agreement proclamations, this title. General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1953Jerked beef, termination of proclamation permitting free importation for distribution in Puerto Rico Memorial Day, Prayer for Peace, 1954. Mother's Day, 1954, proclamation National D a y of Prayer, 1954 National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week, 1953 National Farm Safety Week, 1954 National Maritime Day, 1954 National M e n t a l Health Week, proclamation Oats, import quota P a n American Day, 1954


c46 c50 c42 B4

cl9 c30 c21 c24 c37 c33 c3 c38

INDEX Proclamations—Continued "Pazei Philippine articles, extension of period of duty-free t r e a t m e n t in United States c46 Red Cross Month, 1954_ c31 Rye, rye flour, and rye meal, import quota c35 Thanksgiving Day, 1953 c22 Trade agreement proclamations— Alsike clover seed, modification of trade agreement concession and adjustment of d u t y c44 Annecy Protocol, supplementary proclamation c26 Uruguayan trade agreement proclamations, termination c40 Watch movements, modification of trade agreement concessions and d u t y rates c47 United Nations Day, 1954 c43 United Nations Human Rights D a y, 1953 -_ c26 Vinson, Chief Justice Frederick M., death of cl7 World Trade Week, 1954 c41 Public Buildings Construction and Leasing, correction of enrolled bill (H. R. 6342) B51 Puerto Rico, termination of proclamation permitting free importation of jerked beef for distribution in c47 Pulaski Memorial Day, 1953, proclamation cl8

c4 cl9 c22 R c50 c43 Railroad Retirement Tax Act, correction of enrolled bill amending (H. R. 7840) c32 Red Cross Month, 1954, proclamation "Review of the United Nations Charter— A Collection of Documents", printing of additional copies cl8 Robert A. Taft Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, dedication of-c47 Rye, Rye Flour, and Rye Meal, import quota c42 c39 S c50 Sanitary Engineering Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, to be known as Robert A. Taft c4 Sanitary Engineering Center c35 c41 Strategic and Critical Materials, printing of additional copies of h e a r i n g s — B 8 4, c38 "Strategy and Tactics of World Communism", printing of copies of hearc29 ings c34

Bll3 c31

B68 B5 c35

B5 B113