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[69 Stat. V]
[69 Stat. V]

SUBJECT INDEX Air Force, Department of the—Continued Paee Vessels, transfer authorized 319 Veterans Administration, allotments and transfers of funds from, authorization 210 Air Force Academy, United States, pay and allowance increase 22 Air Force Organization Act of 1951, Amendment, male nurses and medical specialists, inclusion of 579 Air Force Reserve. See Reserve components under Air Force, Department of the. Air Museum, National, appropriation for_ 157 Air National Guard. See under National Guard. Air Pollution Control, research and technical assistance 322 Appropriation for 462 Airports: Alaska, appropriation for 227 Federal aid for public airport development, authority for grants, etc 441 Federal Airport Act— Amendments 441 Funds for effecting provisions 226, 227 National airport plan, revision dates 441 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 227, 451 Alabama: Coosa River, funds available for investigation and report 361 Interstate compact to conserve oil and gas, consent of Congress to extension 385 Alameda, Calif., construction of naval facilities authorized 331 Alamogordo Dam, Carlsbad Project, N. Mex., funds available for increasing spillway capacity 357 Alaska: Agricultural experiment stations 671 Appropriation for 52 Agricultural extension work, appropriation for 53 Airports, appropriation for 227 Alaska Railroad. See separate title. Appropriation for administration 149 Canadian vessels, transportation between designated points, authority 47 Cigarettes, collection of State taxes 627 Constitutional convention, members of legislature as delegates 299 District attorneys. United States, appropriation for salaries and expenses 271 District judges, salaries 10 Appropriation for 276

Alaska—Continued ^^se Fish and wildlife resources, funds available 148 Fisheries, regulation of nets 12 General Services Administration, purchases through 149 Interior Department appropriation for construction in 142 International Boundary Commission, United States, Alaska, and Canada, appropriation for 267 Judicial divisions 2 and 4, boundaries._ 430 Jurors, appropriation for fees 276 Materials disposal on school section lands, disposition of receipts 368 Military and naval installations and facilities, construction authorized. _ 328, 329, 336, 346 Nets, regulation of 12 Old Kasaan National Monument, Alaska, abolishment 380 Pribilof Islands, appropriation for administration 148 Prisoners, Federal, appropriation for support of 273 Public Health Service, appropriation for disease and sanitation investigations and control 405 Public works, appropriation for 150 Reclamation investigations, etc., appropriation for 357 Roads, trails, and bridges, construction, operation, and maintenance-— Appropriation for 150 Authority of Secretary of Interior 321 Shoreline claims, abolition of eighty-rod reserved spaces between 444 Small Business Administration, authority to establish regional office 547 Unemployment compensation, authority for advances from Federal Unemployment Fund 81 United States attorneys and assistant United States attorneys, salaries 10 Urban renewal, authority 637 Water resources, investigations by Interior Department of projects for conservation, development, etc., of 618 Alaska Communication System, appropriation for 306 Alaska Railroad: Appropriation for construction; revolving fund 150 Leases, extension of term 494 Salary limitation 150 Albany, Ga., Marine Corps Supply Center, construction of facilities authorized.. 333 Albrook Air Force Base, C. Z., construction of facilities authorized 346