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[69 Stat. 255]
[69 Stat. 255]




Motor Vehicle Parking Agency (payable from motor-vehicle parking fund), including installation and maintenance of parking meters and uniforms for fringe parking guards, $350,000. DEPARTMENT or SANITARY ENGINEERING

Department of Sanitary Engineering, including operation and maintenance of the District of Columbia water distribution system, installing and repairing water meters on services to private residences and business places as may not be required to install meters under existing regulations (said meters to remain the property of the District of Columbia), replacement of old water mains, service pipes, and divide valves, water waste and leakage survey, repair of reservoirs, purchase of passenger motor vehicles, purchase and replacement of uniforms for water meter inspectors, refunding of water rents and other water and sewer service charges erroneously paid in the District of Columbia (to be refunded in the manner prescribed by law for the refunding of erroneously paid taxes and to be available for such refunds of payments made within the present and past three fiscal years), cleaning and repairing sewers and basins, operation and maintenance of the sewage pumping service and sewage-treatment plant, repairs to equipment, machinery, and structures, control and prevention of the spread of mosquitoes in the District of Columbia, contribution of the District of Columbia to the expenses of the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, collection and disposal of refuse and street cleaning, repair and maintenance of plants, buildings, and grounds, and fencing of public and private property designated by the Commissioners as public dumps, $10,285,000, of which $99,000 shall be payable from the highway fund for cleaning snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, and gutters, in the discretion of the Commissioners, $2,715,000 shall be payable from the water fund, and $1,480,000 shall be payable from the sanitary sewage works fund: Provided, That this appropriation shall not be available for collecting ashes or miscellaneous refuse from hotels and places of business or from apartment houses of four or more apartments having a central heating system, or from any building or connected group of buildings operated as a rooming, boarding, or lodging house having a total of more than twenty-five rooms. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT

Washington Aqueduct (payable from the water fund), for the operation, maintenance, repair, and protection of Washington water supply facilities and their accessories, and maintenance of MacArthur Boulevard; including replacement and maintenance of water meters on Federal services; purchase of two passenger motor vehicles; and fluoridation of water, $2,120,000: Provided, That transfer of appropriations for operating expenses and capital outlay may be made between the Department of Sanitary Engineering of the District of Columbia and the Washington Aqueduct upon mutual agreement of the Commissioners and the Secretary of the Army. Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting the superintendence and control of the Secretary of the Army over the AVashington Aqueduct, its rights, appurtenances, and fixtures connected with the same, and over appropriations and expenditures therefor as now provided by law\