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[69 Stat. 317]
[69 Stat. 317]




PUBLIC LAW 157-JULY 13, 1955

SEC. 613. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be available until expended unless expressly so provided elsewhere in this or some other appropriation Act. SEC. 614. Hereafter, no part of any appropriation to the Department of Defense shall be available for or on account of the supply or replacement of table linen, dishes, glassware, silver, and kitchen utensils for use in the residences or quarters of officers on shore (other than for field messes, messes temporarily set up on shore for bachelor officers and officers attached to seagoing or district defense vessels, to aviation units based on seagoing vessels, to the fleet air bases, to the submarine bases, or to landing forces and expeditions), except in accordance with regulations approved by the Secretary of Defense, which shall provide for uniform practices among all of the services. SEC. 615. Not more than $31,000,000 of the amounts received during the current fiscal year by the Department of Defense as proceeds from the sale of scrap or salvage materials, shall be available during the current fiscal year for expenses of transportation, demilitarization, and other preparation for sale or salvage of military supplies, equipment, and materiel: Provided, That a report of receipts and disbursements under this limitation shall be made quarterly to the Committees on Appropriations of the Congress: Provided further, That no funds available to agencies of the Department of Defense shall be used for the operation, acquisition or construction of new facilities or equipment for new facilities in the continental limits of the United States for metal scrap baling or shearing or for melting or sweating aluminum scrap unless the Secretary of Defense or an Assistant Secretary of Defense designated by him determines, with respect to each facility involved, that the operation of such facility is in the national interest. SEC. 616. During the current fiscal year, the President may exempt appropriations, funds, and contract authorizations, available for military functions under the Department of Defense, from the provisions of subsection (c) of section 3679 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, whenever he deems such action to be necessary in the interest of national defense. SEC. 617. No appropriation contained in this Act shall be available in connection with the operation of commissary stores of the agencies of the Department of Defense for the cost of purchase (including commercial transportation in the United States to the place of sale but excluding all transportation outside the United States) and maintenance of operating equipment and supplies, and for the actual or estimated cost of utilities as may be furnished by the Government and of shrinkage, spoilage, and pilferage of merchandise under the control of such commissary stores, except as authorized under regulations promulgated by the Secretaries of the military departments concerned, with the approval of the Secretary of Defense, which regulations shall provide for reimbursement therefor to the appropriations concerned and, notwithstanding any other provision of law, shall provide for the adjustment of the sales prices in such commissary stores to the extent necessary to furnish sufficient gross revenue from sales of commissary stores to make such reimbursement: Provided,^ That under such regulations as may be issued pursuant to this section all utilities may be furnished without cost to the commissary stores outside the continental United States and in Alaska: Provided further, That no appropriation contained in this Act shall be available in connection with the operation of commissary stores within the continental United States unless the Secretary of Defense has certified that items normally procured from commissary stores are not otherwise available at a reasonable distance and a reasonable price in satisfactory quality and quantity to the military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense.

A v a i l ability olt appropriations.

Tableware, e t c., in officers' quarters.

P r o c e o ds from s a l e of scrap.

Report. Metal scrap bal" ing, e t c.

Exenr^tion from apportionment.

31 USC 665.

C o m missary stores.