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[69 Stat. 471]
[69 Stat. 471]

69 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 221-AUG. 4, 1955

Public Law 221

471 CHAPTER 543

AN ACT To facilitate the establishment of local self-government a t the communities of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Richland, Washington, and to provide for the disposal of federally owned properties of such communities.

A u p s t 4. 1955 [S.2630]

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may Atomic Energy be cited as the "Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955". i9*S5?"" y * " = Post, p. 472. C H A P T E R 1. DECLARATION, F I N D I N G S, AND PURPOSE

Sec. 11. Declarations of policy. Sec. 12. Findings. Sec. 13. Purpose. CHAPTER 2. DEFINITIONS

Post, p. 473.


Post, p. 474.

Sec. 21. Definitions. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

31. Lots. 32. Appraisals. 33. Basis of appraisal. 34. Posting. 35. Sales prices. 36. Improvements. CHAPTER 4. CLASSIFICATION OF PROPERTY AND PRIORITIES

Post, p. 475.

Sec. 41. Classification of property. Sec. 42. Priorities. Sec. 43. Transferability. C H A P T E R 5. SALES OF PROPERTY FOR PRIVATE U S E

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

51. Application. 52. Disposal of property. 53. Sales. 54. Cash sales. 55. For m and provisions of instruments. 56. Occupancy by existing tenants. 57. Lots. CHAPTER 6. F I N A N C I N G

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

Poet, p. 480.

81. Assistance in organization. 82. Authorization to transfer municipal installations. 83. Date of transfer. 84. Entity receiving transfer. 85. Installations transferable. 86. Charges for municipal installations transferred. C H A P T E R 9. LOCAL ASSISTANCE

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

Post, p. 480.

71. Authorization to transfer utilities. 72. Date of transfer. 73. E n t i t y receiving transfer. 74. Utilities transferable. 75. Charges for utilities transferred. CHAPTER 8. M U N I C I P A L I T I E S

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

Post, p. 478.

61. Contract purchase. 32. Commission financing. 63. Commission indenmity. 64. Community employment and population. 65. Amount of indemnity. 66. Conditions of indenmity. (^HAPTER 7. UTILITIES

Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec. Sec.

Poat, p. 476.

91. Basis of assistance to cities and other State and local entities. 92. Commission reducti(ms. 93. Area of service. 94. Commission contracts.

Post, p. 481.