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THE {Dubin: Etututzz ut {Durga 0F THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, rxou wm: ORGANIZATION OF THE GOVERNMENT IN 1789, TO MARCH 3, 1845. ARBAHGED II OHRONOLOGIOAL ORDER. wrru REFERENCES T0 THE MATTER OF EACH ACT AND T0 THE SUBSEQUENT ACTS 0N THE SAME SUBJECT, Am: COPIOUS NOTES OF THE DECISIONS or arm: Qlnmciz nf the Huitch Eitatcz CONSTRUING THOSE ACTS, AND UPON THE SUBJECTS OF THE LAWS. wrm AN INDEX T0 THE 00N•1*EN'1‘s 0F EACH VOLUME, nm A FULL GENERAL INDEX TO THE WHOLE WORK, IN THE CONCLUDING VOLUME. rccuuzx wrru Gb: Rzdurattun nt llnhzpznhcunz, the Qrttclzs at mmtzumrtton, ams tbz ifuustttuttun of thz Hutton Ebtutzx; nm uso, ·, m Tm: LAST voumm, coruurmuc LISTS or THE Acrs RELATING T0 Tun JUDXCIARY, IMPOSTS AND •r0NNA¤¤, Tm: mmmc nuns, nrc. E D I T E D B Y RICHARD PETERS, ESQ., couwsmmox AT Luv. The rights and intermt of the 'Ilnited Stats in the stereotype plates from which this work is printed, are hereby recognised, acknowledged, and declared by the publishers, according to the provisions of the joint resolution of Congress, passed March 8,l|A5. V O L. VII. BOSTON: ` CHARLES C. LITTLE AND JAMES BROWN. 1 8 4 6.