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TREATY WITH THE MENOMONIES. 1817. 153 Mushoolatubbee, David Folsom, Pooshamattaba, Bob Cole, Pnkshunnuhbee, Oofuppa, General Terror, Hoopoieeskittesnee, Choctaw Eestannokee, Hoopoieemiko, General Humming Bird, Hoopoieehooma. Talking Warrior, Wnsnss, Tho. H. Williams, secretary to the commission. John Pitchlynn, Turner Brashear, interpreters. M. Mackey. Silas Dinsmoor. R. Chamberlin. To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal.

A TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP Made and concluded by and between VWlliam Clark, Mnian Ed- Ma,-@30, 1817, wards, and Atiguste Chouteau, commissioners on the part and betray of the nited States of America, tf the one part, and Dee. 26, 1817., the undersigned chiefs and warriors, deputed bz the Zlknomenee tribe or nation of Indians, on the part and be ay` of their said tribe or nation, of the other part. Tim parties, being desirous of re-establishing peace and friendship between the United States and the said tribe or nation, and of being placed in all things, and in every respect, on the same footing upon which they stood before the late war, have agreed to the following articles: Arvr. l. Every injury, or act of hostility, by one or either of the Injpries, &,c. contracting parties, against the other, shall be mutually forgiven and ¤"°*€*V°¤- forgot. Am-. 2. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between all Perpetual the citizens of the United States and all the individuals composing the l“?“°° mid . . . friendship. said Menomenee tribe or nation. Awr. 3. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, on the part and behalf Fm-mc, c,,,. of their said tribe or nation, do, by these presents, confirm to the United Sieve wd trea~ States all and every cession of land heretofore made by their tribe or °'°’ °°"6"“°d‘ nation to the British, French, or Spanish, government, within the limits of the United States, or their territories; and also, all and every treaty, contract, and agreement, heretofore concluded between the said United States and the said tribe or nation. ART. 4. The contracting parties do hereby agree, promise, and oblige P,-Son.-,1-sm bg themselves, reciprocally, to deliver up all prisoners now in their hands, delivered up- (by what means soever the same may have come into their possession,) - to the officer commanding at Prairie du Chien, to be by him restored to the respective parties hereto, as soon as it may be practicable. Am-. 5. The undersigned chiefs and warriors as aforesaid, for them- pmwgon of selves and those they represent, do hereby acknowledge themselves to U· S- ¤ek¤<>w— be under the protection of the United States, and of no other nation, l°dg°d‘ power, or sovereign, whatsoever. In witness whereof, the commissioners aforesaid, and the undersigned chiefs and warriors, as aforesaid, have hereunto subscribed their names and aflixed their seals, this thirtieth day of March, in the 20