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172 TREATY WITH THE GRAND PAWNEES. 1818. TWO mack, ART, And if is l1Bl'€by flIl’l$h€¥' BgY€?d, Ol'! lbf? p3.I'lZ of the United smiths and stri- States, that, in lieu of all former stipulations relating to blacksmirhs, L‘gf€f,° be fur they will furnish the Creek nation for three years with two blacksmith, I and strikers. Lim, ,0 be ,.,,,, Am-. 4. The President may cause any line to be run which may bc by U. S. necessary to designate the boundary of any part of both, or either, gf the tracts of land ceded by this treaty, at such time, and in such manner, .1.,,,,,,),,0,),, as he may deem proper. And this treaty shall be obligatory on the ebiigmrywhen contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified by the govern. Mtmed- ment of the United States. Done at the place, and on the day and year, before written. D. B. MITCHELL. Tustunnugee Thluccc, Eufaulau Micco, Tustunnugee Hopoie, Hopoethle Haujo, Williarn M·Intosh, Hopoie Hatkee, Tuskeenchaw, Yobolo Micco, Hopoie Haujo, Tustunnugee, Cotchau Haujo, Fatuske Henehau, Inthlanis Haujo, Yauhau Haujo, Cowetau Micco, Tuskeegee Emautla, Cusselau Micco, Tustunnugee Hoithleloea. Present, D. Brearly, col. 7th intl Wm. S. Mitchell, ast. agent, I. A. C. N. M. Johnson, lt. corps of artillery. Sl. Hawkins, George [G. L.] Lovett, Interpreters. To the Indian names is subjoined a mark. A TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP y,,,,,, ,8, mg Made and concluded by, and between, William Clark and Auguste

 Chouteau, Commissioners zy’ the United States of America, on
m,_7, 1g1g_ the part and behaU` of the sazd States, of the one part, and

the undersigned chirjs and warriors of the Grand Pawnee tribe, on the part and behalf of their said tribe, of the other part. THE parties, being desirous of establishing peace and friendship between the United States and the said tribe, have agreed to the following articles: Injuries, gw_ Arm:. 1. Every injury, or act of hostility, by one or either of the forgiven. contracting parties against the other, shall be mutually forgiven and forgot. Perpetual Arun, 2. There shall_be perpetual peace and friendship between all peace and the citizens of the United States of America, and all the individuals f¤€¤dSh¤P· composing the said Grand Pawnee tribe. P,.0,€c,iO,, of Am`. 3. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, for themselves and U. S. acknow- their said tribe, do hereby acknowledge themselves to be under the pro- Edged- tection of the Ulpited States of America, and of no other nation, power, or sovereign, w atsoever. V,0ya,,.,,s of ·AR*1*. 4. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, for themselves and the this treaty to be tribe they represent, do moreover promise and oblidge themselves to gf;“’°F*>d ¤P» deliver up, or cause to be delivered up, to the authority of the United ' States, (to be punished according to law,) each and every individual of