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176 TREATY WITH THE QUAPAWS. 1818. have hereunto subscribed their names and adixed their seals, this twenty-second day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States the forty-second. WM. CLARK, AUG. CHOUTEAU. Tarahautacaw, White Bull, Tearacheticktickspa, the Peace Maker, Tearilari Sacki, Red Hawk, Teakahore, the Divider of the Party, Kakaletahaw, the Crow of other Nations, Lahehorashea, the Presence Striker, Larapa Kouch, the Soldier, Tarara, the Scalp Bearer, Tahorou, the Gun Flint, Teripakou, the First of Soldiers, Letireeshar, the Knife Chief, Irarikau, the White Cow. Done at St. Louis, in the presence of R. Wash, Secretary to the Commission. R. Graham, I. A. Illinois Territory. Jno. O. Fallon, Captain Ride Regiment. R. Paul, Colonel M. M. C. Interpreter. Jno. Ruland, Sub Agent, Trans’r, dec. A. L. Papin, Interpreter. I. T. Honore, Indian Interpreter. I. Julian, U. S. Indian Interpreter. Wm. Grayson. Josiah Ramsey. Jno. Robedout. To the Indian names are subjoined a mark and seal. A TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP, CESSION, AND LIMITS, Aug. 24, 1818. Made and entered into, this twentyfourth day of August, eigh-

 teen hundred and eighteen, by, and between, William Clark

Jan. 5, mis. and Auguste Chouteau, Commissioners on the part and beheld mf the United States, of the one part, and the undersigned, chiefs and warriors of the Quapaw tribe or nation, on the part and behalf of their said tribe or nation, of the other part. p,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0; Ama 1. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, for themselves and U. S. acknow- their said tribe or nation, do hereby acknowledge themselves to be under l°d8°d· the protection of the United States, and of no other state, power, or sovereignty, whatsoever. Cess,,,,, of ART. 2. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, for themselves and lands. their said tribe or nation, do hereby, for, and in consideration ol, the promises and stipulations hereinafter named, cede and relinquish to the United States, forever, all the lands within the following boundaries, viz : Beginning at the mouth of the Arkansaw river; thence, extending up the Arkansaw, to the Canadian fork, and up the Canadian fork to its source; thence south, to Big Red river, and down the middle of that river, to the Big Raft; thence, a direct line, so as to strike the Mississippi river, thirty leagues in a straight line, below the mouth of Arkansaw; together with all their claims to land east of the Mississippi, and north of the Arkansaw, river, included within the coloured lines p A map ac. 1, 2, and 3, on the above map,* with the exception and reservation folcvmpanies the lowing, that is to say: the tract of country bounded as follows: Begin- °il€;;_l,;§)?'•) ning at a point on the Arkansaw river, opposite the present post of Arkansaw·, and running thence, a due southwest course, to the Washita river; thence, up that river, to the Saline fork; and up the Saline fork to a point, from whence a due north course would strike the Arkansaw river at the Little Rock; and thence, down the right bank of the Arkansaw, to the place of beginning: which said tract of land, last above designated and reserved, shall be surveyed and marked off, at the ex-