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ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT Entered into, between the undersigned Commissioners, appointed ;,,,,_ 8,182]_ by the Governor of the state of Georgia, for and on behaif of —1;j—T· the citizens of the said state, and the Chiefs, Head Men, and Miiriii? Warrwrs, of the Creek nation of Indians. Wnmzms, at a conference opened and held at the Indian Spring, in the Creek nation, the citizens of Georgia, by the aforesaid commissioners, have represented that they have claims to a large amount against the said Creek nation of Indians: Now, in order to adjust and bring the same to a speedy and final settlement, it is hereby agreed by the aforesaid commissioners, and the chiefs, head men, and warriors, of the said nation, that all the talks had upon the subject of these claims at this place, together with all claims on either side, of whatever nature or Glaimsbn eikind, prior to the act of Congress of one thousand eight hundred and ther vide {siertwo, regulating the intercourse with the Indian tribes, with the docu- ;"}‘:h:’I§l`:,iii$,‘gz, ments in support of them, shall be referred to the decision of the Presi- 1802, ch. 13. ` dent of the United States, by him to be decided upon, adjusted, liquidated, and settled, in such manner, and under such rules, regulations, and restrictions, as he shall prescribe: Provided, however, if it should Provisc. meet the views of the President of the United States, it is the wish of the contracting parties, that the liquidation and settlement of the aforesaid claims shall be made in the state of Georgia, at such place as he may deem most convenient for the parties interested, and the decision and award, thus made and rendered, shall be binding and obligatory upon the contracting parties. In witness whereot, we have hereunto set our hands and seals, this eighth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty·0ne. I. M‘INTOSH, DAVID ADAMS, DANIEL NEWNAN, WILLIANI M‘INTOSH. Tustunnugee Hopoie, Efau Emauthlau. Present, D. M. Forney, D. Meriwether. To the Indian names are subjcined a mark and sent DISCHARGE FOR ALL CLAIMS ON THE CREEKS. J¤¤·8. 1821- Wmmnas a treaty or convention has this day been made and entered into, by and between the United States and the Creek nation, by the provisions of which the United States have agreed to pay, and the commissioners of the state of Georgia have agreed to accept, for and on behalf of the citizens of the state of Georgia, having claims against the Creek nation, prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and two, the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars: _ Now, know all men by these presents, that we, the undersigned, Commissioners wmmissioners of the state of Georgia, for, and in conrsiideration of, the of G¤¤rz¤¤ ¥¤· 28 ‘ (cm