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230 TREATY WI'I` H THE SACS AND FOXES, 1824. A,,,,ui,;,,S,&c_ Agwrou; 3d, It is hereby stipulated and agreed, on the part of the United States, as a full consideration for the claims and lands ceded by the Sock and Fox tribes in the iirst article, there shall be paid to the Sock and Fox nations, within the present year, one thousand dollars in cash, or merchandize; and in addition to the annuities stipulated to be Ante, p. 84. paid to the Sock and Fox tribes by a former treaty, the United States do agree to pay to the said Sock tribe, five hundred dollars, and to the Fox tribe five hundred dollars, annually, for the term of ten succeeding years; and, at the request of the Chiefs of the said Sock and Fox nations, the Commissioner agrees to pay to Morice Blondeau, a half Indian of the Fox tribe, the sum of five hundred dollars, it being a debt due by the said nation to the aforesaid Blondeau, for property taken from him during the late war. Amsiancew Arzcrrcrn 4th. The United States engage to provide and support it be rendered Blacksmith for the Sock and Fox nations, so long as the President of th°“‘· the United States may think proper, and to furnish the said nations with such farming utensils and cattle, and to employ such persons to aid them in their agriculture, as the President may deem expedient. payment of Amicus 5th. The annuities stipulated to be paid by the 3d article, the ¤~¤¤¤iii¢¤· are to be paid either in money, merchandize, provisions, or domestic animals, at the option of the aforesaid tribes, and when the said annuities or part thereof is paid in merchandize, it is to be delivered to them at the first cost of the goods at St. Louis, free from cost of transportation. Treaty obliga- Aizrricmz 6th. This treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the gg whm '””‘ contracting parties so soon as the same shall be ratiiied by the Presi- ` dent of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof In testimony whereof, the said William Clark, Commissioner as aforesaid, and the Chiefs and Head Men of the Sock and Fox tribes of Indians as aforesaid, have hereunto set their hands, at Washington City, this fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four. WM. CLARK. Sacks. Foxes. Pah·sha-pa-ha (Stabber) Fai-mah (The Bear) Kah-kee»kai-maik (All Fish) Ka-pol-e.qua (White Nosed Fox) Wah·kee-chn§R(Crouching Eagle) Peea—mash-ka (The For winding his Kee-o-kuck ( atchful Fox) horn) Kah-kee.kai-maik (All Fish) Kee-sheswa (The Sun) Sah-col-o-quoit (Rising Cloud)

 AT srorrrivo.-Thomas L. McKenney. Law. Taliaferro, Indian Agent

at St. Peter’s. G. W. Kennerly, Indian Agent. A. Baronet Vesques, Acting S. I. A. and Int. Maurice Blondeau. J. T. Honore. Jno. W. Johnson. Meriwether Lewis Clark. Noal Daslmay, Interpreter. To the Indian names are subjoined n mark and seal.