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TREATY WITH THE CREEKS. 1825. 239 Ewmmee Tustunnuggee, of Cowetuu, Hepocokee Emautla, Holahtau, or Col. Blue, Samuel Miller, Cowemu Tustunnuggec, Tomoc Mice, Artus Mico, or Roley McIntosh, Charles Miller, Chilly McIntosh, Tallasee Hajo, or John Carr, Joseph Marshall, Otulga Emautla, Athlan Hajo, Ahalaco Yoholo, of Cusetau, Tuskenahah, Walucco Hajo, of New Yauco, Benjamin Marshall, Cohausee Ematla, do. Coccus Hajo, Nineomau Tochee, do. Forshatepu Mico, Konope Emautla, Sand Town, Oethlamata Tustunnuggee, Chawacala Mico, do. Tallasee Hajo, Foctalustee Emautla, do. Tuskegee Tustunnuggee, Josiah Gray, from Hitchatee, Foshajee Tustunnuggee, William Kanard, do. Emau Chuccolocana, Neha Thluco Hatkee, do. Abeco Tustunnuggee, Halathla Fixico, from Big Shoal, Eneha Hajo, Alex. Lasley, from Talladega, Hijo Hajo, Espokoke Hajo, do. Thla Tho Hajo, Emauthla Hajo, do. To mico Holueto, N incomatochee, do. Yah Te Ko Hajo, Chuhah Hajo, do, No co see Emautla, Etie Ematla, do. Col. Wm. Miller, Thleeatchea, Atausee Hopoie, do. Abeco Tustunnuggee, ‘Ia.mes Fife. dc. Hoethlepoga Tustunnuggee, Executed on the day as above written, in presence of John Crowell, Agent for Indian Affairs. Wm. F. Hay, Secretary. Wm. Meriwether. Wm. Hambly, U.S. Inter. Whereas, by a stipulation in the Treaty of the Indian Springs, in Ju], 25, 1g2S_ 1821, there was a reserve of land made to include the said Indian Springs for the use of General William M‘Intosh, be it therefore known to all whom it may concern, that we, the undersigned chiefs and head men of the Creek nation, do hereby agree to relinquish all the right, fiftle, and control of the Creek nation to the said reserve, unto him the said William M‘Intosh and his heirs, forever, in as full and ample a manner as we are authorized to do. Big B. W. Warrior, Hopoi Hadjo, Yoholo Micco, Tuskehenahau, Little Prince, Oaketiiska Yohola. JOHN CROWELL, July 25, 1825. Agent for Indian AH`airs. Feb. I4, 1825. Whereas the foregoing articles of convention have been concluded additional between the parties thereto: And, whereas, the Indian Chief, General °m°l°· William McIntosh, claims title to the Indian Spring Reservation (upon which there are very extensive buildings and improvements) by virtue of a relinquishment to said McIntosh, signed in full council of the nation: And, whereas the said General William McIntosh hath claim to another reservation of land on the Ocmulgee river, and by his lessee and tenant, is in possession thereof: Now these presents further witness, that the said General William McIntosh, and also the Chiefs of the Creek Nation, in council assembled, do quit claim, convey, and cede to the United States, the reservations aforesaid, for, and in consideration of, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, to be paid at the time and in the manner as stipulated, for the iirst instalment provided for in the preceding treaty. Upon the ratification of these articles, the possession of said reservations shall be con-