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242 TREATY WITH THE OSAGES. 1825. tion, for Baptiste St. Mitchelle, jr.; one section, for Louis St. Mitchelleg one section, for Victoria St, Mitchelle; one section, for Julia St. Mitchelle; one section, for Francis St. Mitchelle; one section, for Joseph Perra; one section, for Susan Larine; one section, for Marguerite Reneau; one section, for Thomas L. Balio ; and one section, forerese, the daughter of Paul Louise; which said several tracts are to be located on the North side of the Marias des Cygnes, extending up the river, above the reservations in favour of Mary and Sarah Williams, in the order in which they are herein above named. ARTICLE 6. Land ,0 be And also fifty-four other tracts, of a mile square each, to be laid of sold for certain under the direction of the President of the United States, and sold, for P¤*P°°°¤· the purpose of raising a fund to be applied to the support of schools, for the education of the Osage children, in such manner as the President may deem most advisable to the attainment of that end. ARTICLE 7. Deb,,, due by Forasmuch as there is a debt due, from sundry individuals of the said tribeste Osage tribes or nations, to the United States’ trading houses, of the Hggégfglng Missouri and Osage rivers, amounting in the whole,_to about the sum 1,,,,S8d_’of four thousand one hundred and five dollars and eighty cents, which the United States do hereby agree to release; in consideration thereof, the said tribes or nations do, hereby, release and relinquish their claim upon the United States, for regular troops to be stationed, for their protection, in garrison, at Fort Clark, and, also, for furnishing of a blacksmith, at that place, and the delivery of merchandise, at Fire Prairie, as Ante, p_ mq_ is provided for in the first, third, and fifth, articles of the Treaty, concluded on the tenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and eight. g ARTICLE 8. Clgiing or the It appearing that the Delaware nation have various claims against the Delawaresd Osages, which the latter have not had it in their power to adjust, and f§;';°:0°?€ Sw the United States being desirous to settle, finally and satisfactorily, all ucd by U, s, demands and differences between the Delawares and Osages, do hereby agree to pay to the Delawares, in full satisfaction of all their claims and demands against the Osages, the sum of one thousand dollars. ARTICLE 9. Anirnositics of With a view to quiet the animosities, which at present exist between citizens of Mis- a portion of the citizens of Missouri and Arkansas and the Osage tribes,

‘l‘£;ég‘°·'° be in consequence of the lawless depredations of the latter, the United

` States do, furthermore, agree to pay, to their own citizens, the full value of such property, as they can legally prove to have been stolen or destroyed, by the Osages, since the year eighteen hundred and eight, and for which payment has not been made under former treaties: Provided, The sum to be paid by the United States does not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars. ARTICLE 10. Land mmved, It is furthermore agreed on, by and between the parties to these to be disposed_ presents, that there shall be reserved two sections of land, to include the 3;::l:£° 5),;;:;* Harmony Missionary establishment, and their mill, on the Marias des YCygne; and one section, to include the Missionary establishment, above the Lick on the West side of Grand river, to be disposed of as the President of the United States shall direct, for the benefit of said Missions, and to establish them at the principal villages of the Great and Little Osage Nations, within the limits of the country reserved to them