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TREATY WITH THE MANDAN TRIBE. July 30, 1825. Wnmnms acts of hostility have been committed by some restless men

 of the Mandan Tribe of Indians, upon some of the citazens of the

Feb_6' ;826_United States: Therefore, to put a stop to anyfurther outrages of the §°"‘ “““d‘°§s‘“*SSRi° "5°'°·f‘*i§‘dlfif;"‘l»°’”Ti"`lI{‘€€r”F§L"?£tf..f §l21‘°" tates an the said an an ri e, resi e es, by Henry Atkinson, Brigadier General of the United States’ Army, and Major Benjamin O’Fallon, Indian Agent, Commissioners duly appointed and commissioned to treat with the Indian Tribes beyond the Mississippi river, forgivethe offences which have been committed; the'Chiefs and Warriors having first made satisfactory explanations touching the same. And, for the purpose of removing all future cause of misunderstanding as respects trade and friendly intercourse between the parties, the above named Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the undersigned Chiefs and Warriors of the Mandan Tribe of Indians on the part of said Tribe, have made and entered into the following articles and conditions, which, when ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall be binding on both parties -——-to wit: ARTICLE 1. feace and Henceforth there shall be a firm and lasting peace between the United

  • -'*°“d*’h‘P· States and the Mandan tribe of Indians; and a friendly intercourse

shall immediately take place between the parties. ARTICLE 2. supremacy of It is admitted by the Mandan tribe of Indians, that theyreside within PaS·d"°k“°‘”‘ the territorial limits of the United States, acknowledge their supremacy, c gr ‘ and claim their protection.—·The said tribe also admit the right of the United States to regulate all trade and intercourse with them. ARTICLE 3. U. §. agree to The United States agree to receive the Mandan tribe of Indians into

 their friendship, and under their protection, and to extend to them, from

ghjp, gw_ ° time to time, such benefits and acts of kindness as may be convenient, and seem just and proper to the President of the United States. ARTICLE 4. Pieces for All trade and intercourse with the Mandan tribe shall be transacted trade to be de~ at such place or places as may be designated and pointed out by the ilfgxfgnby ‘h° President of the United States, through his agents; and none but ` American citazens, duly authorized by the United States, shall be admitted to trade or hold intercourse with said tribe of Indians. ARTICLE 5. Regulation or That the Mandan tribe may be accommodated with such articles of trade. merchandize, 61.0. as their necessaties may demand, the United States agree to admit and licence traders to hold intercourse with said tribe, under mild and equitable regulations: in consideration of which, the Mandan tribe bind themselves to extend protection to the persons and the property of the traders, and the persons legally employed under them, whilst they remain within the limits of their district of country. And the said Mandan tribe further agree, that if any foreigner or other (264)