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ARTICLES OF A TREATY 0.,;, gg, gm, Made and concluded, near the mouth of the Mwmksinewa, upon the

 Wabash, in the State of Indiana, this twenty-third day of Octo-

Jan. 24, 1621. i ber, in the year of our Lord one thousand hundred and twenty-sin, between Lewis Cass, James B. Ray, and John Tn2- t0n, Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the Chiefs and Waniors of the Miami Tribe of Indians. ARTICLE 1. Lands ceded Tun Miami Tribe of Indians cede to the United States all their claim ‘°lh° U·S· to land in the State of Indiana, north and west of the Wabash and Miami rivers, and of the cession made by the said tribe to the United States, by the treaty concluded at St. Mary’s October 6, 1818. ARTICLE 2. {Regex-varies? h From the cession aforesaid, the following reservations, for the use of ¤·s¤ q ¤¤¤ 0 the said tribe, shall be made: md ml"' Fourteen sections of Land at Seek’s village; Five sections for the Beaver, below and adjoining the preceding reservation ; Thirty-six sections at Flat Belly’s Village; dFive sections for Little Charley, above the old village, on the North si e of Eel river; One section for Laventure’s daughter, opposite the Islands, about fifteen miles below Fort Wayne; One section for Chapine, above, and adjoining Seek’s village; Ten sections at the White R.accoon’s village; Ten sections at the mouth of Mud Creek, on Eel river, at the old village; Ten section at the forks of the Wabash; One reservation commencing two miles and a half below the mouth of the Mississinewa, and running up the Wabash live miles, with the bank thereof, and from these points running due north to Eel river. Cam,] 0,. ,0,,,; And it is agreed, that the State of Indiana may lay out a canal or a through the rc- road through any of these reservations, and for the use of a canal, six '°"““°"“· chains along the same are hereby appropriated. ARTICLE 3. Land granted, There shall be granted to each of the persons named in the schedule vmés bq $011- hereunto annexed, and to their heirs, the tracts of land therein desig- IQ5m,:;,,?:} nated; but the land so granted shall never be conveyed without the the President. consent of the President of the United States. ARTICLE 4. · The Commissioners of the United States have caused to be delivered Pa ment m _ _ _ _ _ goods. to the Miami tribe goods to the value of $31,040 53, m part consideration for the cession herein made; and it is agreed, that if this treaty shall be ratified by the President and Senate of the United States, the United States shall pay to the persons, named in the schedule this day signed by the Commissioners, and transmitted to the War Department, the sums atlixed to their names respectively, for goods furnished by them, and amounting to the sum of $31,040 53. And it is further (300)