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TREATY WITH THE POTTAWATIMIES. 1827, 305 Done at the Butte des Morts, on Fox river, in the Territory or Michigan, this eleventh day of August, 1827. LEWIS CASS, THOS. L. McKENNEY. C'/tnmpeways. Keshiminey, Shingnaba Wossin, W°l¤lSS·°l*9» Wayishkee, Powoiysncit, Sheewanbeketoan, Manbasseauh Mazobodo, Myanatchetnabenme, Gitshee Waubezhaas, Pemebeme. Moazoninee, Kegisse, Mishaukewett, L’Espagn0l, Monominee Oashee, Kichiaemtcrt, Atlikumaag, Hoo Tslwop, (or four legs) Umbwaygeezhig, Tshayro-tshoan Kaw, Moneeto Penaysee, Kaffy-M¤·m—¤€e, (Walking Turtle) Akkeewaysee, San-say-man-nee, Sheegad, Maunk-hay-raith, (Tatood breast) Wauwaunishkau, Shoank Skaw, (White dog) Anamikee Waba, Sh081'lk-lshllnlisiap, (Black Wolf') Ockewazee. Kaw-Kaw-say·kaw, Wheank-Kaw, (Big Duck) -Mm0m”"@€·`?· Shoank-ay-paw—kaw, (Dog head) Oskashe, Sar-ray-num-nec, (Walking Mat) Josette Caron, Waunk.tshay-hee-sootsh, (Red devil) Kominikey, Jun. Wau—kaun-hoa-noa-nick, (Little Snake) Kimiown, Kaw-nee-shaw, (White Crow.) Kominikey, Sen. Wrr·:zzssms:—Philip B. Key, Secretary. E. Boardman, Captain, 2d. U. S. In. fantry. Henry R. Schoolcraft, U. S. Indian Agent. Henry B. Brevoort, U. S. Indian Agent. Thomas Rowland. D. G. Jones. R. A. Forsyth. S. Conant. E. A. Brush. Jn. Bte. Fcois. Fauvel, Clergyman. Jesse Miner. Henry Conner, Interpreter. John Kinzie, Jr. To the Indian names are subjoined marks. [Nora.-This treaty was ratified with this proviso, contained in the resolution of the Senate: “That the said treaty shall not impair or affect any right or claim which the New York Indians or any of them have to the lands or any of the lands mentioned in the said treaty."] A T R E A T Y Between the United States and the Potawatamie Tribe of Indians. Sept. 19, 1827. Proclamation, IN order to consolidate some of the dispersed bands of the Potawata- Feb- 23. 1829- mie Tribe in the Territory of Michigan at a point removed from the road leading from Detroit to Chicago, and as far as practicable from the settlements of the WVhitcs, it is agreed that the following tracts of land, heretofore reserved for the use of the said Tribe, shall be, and they are Cession ofland hereby, ceded to the United States. bY the I"d‘°"S· Two sections ofland on the river Rouge at Seginsairn’s village. Two sections ofland at Tonguislrs village, near the river Rouge. That part of the reservation at Macon on the river Raisin, which yet belongs to the said tribe, containing six sections, excepting therefrom one half of a section where the Potawatamie Chief Moran resides, which shall be reserved for his use. 39 2 A 2