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322 TREATY WITH THE CHIPPEWAS, ETC. 1829. _ practicable after the ratification of this treaty, and shall also cause good and sufficient marks and mounds to be established on said line. ARTICLE VII. Right., hunt The right to hunt on the lands herein ceded, so long as the same ¥€S¢¥V<>d· shall remain the property of the United States, is hereby secured to the nations who are parties to this treaty. ARTICLE VIII. Tinniy binding 'Ithis treaty shall take effect and be obligatory on the lcontracting when ratified. parties, as soon as the same shall be ratified by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof In testimony whereof; the said John M’Niel, Pierre Menard, and Caleb Atwater, Commissioners as aforesaid, and the Chiefs and Warriors of the said Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatamie Nations, have hereunto set their hands and seals, at Prairie du Chien, as aforesaid, this twenty-ninth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine. JOHN M’N EIL, PIERRE MENARD, C'0m’rs. CALEB ATVVATER, Sin-eh-pay-nim, Sou-ka-mock, Kawb-suk-we, Chee-chee-pin-quay,, Man-eh-bo·zo, Naw-geh-say, Shah-way-ne-be·nay, Shaw-way-nay·see, Kaw-kee, Naw-geh-to-nuk, To-rum, Meek-say·mauk, Nah·yah-to-Shuk, Kaw-gaw—gay-shee, Mee-chee-kee-wis, Maw·geh-set, Es-kaw·bey-wis, Meek-eh-so, Wan-pay-kay, Awn-kote, Michel, Shuk-eh-nay-buk, Nee-kon-gum, Sho-men, ‘ Mes-quaw-he-no-quay, Nay-a-mush, Pe-i-tum, Pat»eh·ko-zuk, Kay-wan, Mash-kak-suk, Wau-kaiv-ou-say, Pooh-kin·eh-naw, Shem-naw. Waw-kay-zo, In presence of Charles S. Hempstead, Sec’y to the Com. Alex. Wolcott, Indian Agent. Jos. M. Street, Indian Agent. Thomas Forsyth, Indian Agent. Z. Taylor, Lt. Col. U. S. Army. John H. Kinzie, Sub. Agent Indian Affairs. R. B. Mason, Captain lst Infantry. John Garland, Major U. S. Army. H. Dodge. A. Hill. Henry Gratiot. Richard Gentry. John Messersmith. Wm. P. Smith. C. Choutcau. James Turney. Jesse Benton, Jr. J. L. Bogardus. Antoine Le Claire, Indian Interpreter. J oo W. B. Mette, Indian Interpreter. Sogee. John W. Johnson. To the Indian names are subjoined marks.