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ARTICLES OF A TREATY, Jan. 10, 1786. Concluded at Hopewell, on the Keowée, near Seneca Old Town, —‘——" between Benjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, and Joseph Martin, Commissioners Plengvotentiary of the United States of America, 1y' the one Part; and Piomingo, Head Warrior and First Minister of the Chickasaw Nation ; Mingatushha, one ry' the leading Chiefs; and Latopoia, jirst beloved Man rj the said Nation, Commissioners Plennootentiary of all the C/zickasaws of the other Part. Tm: Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States of America give peace to the Chickasaw Nation, and receive theminto the favour and protection of the said States, on the following conditions: ARTICLE I. ,,],,,,,,,5,0 rE_ The Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the Chickasaw nation, shall store prisoners restore all the prisoners, citizens of the United States, to their entire wd D¥<>P€¤Y· liberty, if any there be in the Chickasaw nation. They shall also restore all the negroes, and all other property taken during the late war, from the citizens, if any there be in the Chickasaw nation, to such person, and at such time and place, as the Commissioners of the United States of America shall appoint. ARTICLE II. Acknowledge The Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the Chickasaws, do hereby P*°!¢¤*l¤¤ of acknowledge the tribes and the towns of the Chickasaw nation, to be Ummd Sm°S‘ under the protection of the United States of America, and of no other sovereign whosoever. ARTICLE III. Boundaries_ The boundary of the lands hereby allotted to the Chickasaw nation to live and hunt on, within the limits of the United States of America, is, and shall be the following, viz. Beginning on the ridge that divides the waters running into the Cumberland, from those running into the Tenessee, at a point in a line to be run north-east, which shall strike the Tenessee, at the mouth of Duck river; thence running westerly along the said ridge, till it shall strike the Ohio; thence down the southern banks thereof to the Missisippi; thence down the same, to the Choctaw line or Natches district; thence along the said line, or the line of the district eastwardly as far as the Chickasaws claimed, and lived and hunted on, the twenty-ninth of November, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two. Thence the said boundary, eastwardly, shall be the lands allotted to the Choctaws and Cherokees to live and hunt on, and the lands at present in the possession of the Creeks; saving and reserving for the establishment of a trading post, a tract or parcel of land to be laid out at the lower port of the Muscle shoals, at the mouth of Ocochappo, in a circle, the diameter of which shall be five miles on the * river, which post, and the lands annexed thereto, shall be to the use and under the government of the United States of America. ‘ The name of the fiver is not in the original. (24)