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338 TREATY WITH THE CHOCTAWS. 1830. for each district for sixteen years, and a qualified Mill Wright for five years; Also there shall be furnished the following articles, twenty-one hundred blankets, to each warrior who emigrates a ride, moulds, wipers and ammunition. One thousand axes, ploughs, hoes, wheels and cards each; and four hundred looms. There shall also be furnished, one ton of iron and two hundred weight of steel annually to each District for sixteen years. Annuitydto Arvrrcnn XXI. A few Choctaw Warriors yet survive who marched °F"°i“ ° War- and fought in the army with General Wayne, the whole number stated "°”' not to exceed twenty. These it is agreed shall hereafter, while they live, receive twenty-five dollars a year; a list of them to be early as practicable, and within six months, made out, and presented to the Agent, to be forwarded to the War Department. Delegatem Anrrcrn XXII. The Chiefs of the Choctaws who have suggested C°"€’°¤¤- that their people are in a state of rapid advancement in education and refinement, and have expressed a solicitude that they might have the privilege of a Delegate on the door of the House of Representatives extended to them. The Commissioners do not feel that they can under a treaty stipulation accede to the request, but at their desire, present it in the Treaty, that Congress may consider oi, and decide the application. Done, and signed, and executed by the Commissioners of the United States, and the Chiefs, Captains and Head Men of the Choctaw Nation at Dancing Rabbit Creek, this 27th day of September, eighteen hundred and thirty. J NO. H. EATON, JNO. COFFEE. Greenwood Letlore, Hoshhopia, Musholatubbee, Warsharshahopia, Nittucachee, Maarshunchahubbee, Eyarhocuttubbee, M ishary ubbee, Iyacherhopia, Daniel McCurtain, Offahoomah, Tushkerharcho, Archalater, Hoktoontubbee, Onnahubbee, N uknaerahookmarhee, Holarterhoomah, Mingo hoomah, Hopiaunchahubbee, Pisinhocuttubbee, Zishomingo, Tullarhacher, Captairgthalkie, kgttle leader, ames ie , aanhutter, Pistiyubbee, Cowehoomah, Yobalarunohahubbee, Tillamoer, Holuhhee, Imnullacha, Robert Cole, Artopilachubbee, Mokelareharhopin, Shupherunchahubhee, Lewis Perry, N itterhoomah, Artonamarstubbee, Oaklaryubbee, Hopeatubbee, Pukurnna, Hoshuhuomah, Arpalar, Chuallahoomah, Holber, Joseph Kincaide, Hoparmingo, Artooklubbetushpar, Isparhoomah, Metubbee, 'Pieberhoomao, Arsarkatubbee, Tishoholarter, Issaterhoomah, Mahayarchubbee, Chohtahmatahah, Arlarter, Tunnuppashubbee, Nittahuhhee, Okecharyer, Tishonouan,