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TREATY WITH THE OTTAWAS. 1831. 363 amount of one thousand dollars; the claim of Theodore E. Phelps to the amount of three hundred dollars ; the claim of Collister Haskins to the amount of fifty dollars, but the said Haskins claims fifty dollars more as his proper demand: and the claim of S. and P. Carlan to the amount of three hundred and ninety-eight dollars and twenty-five cents. The aforesaid chiefs also allow the claim of Joseph Laronger to the amount of two hundred dollars, and the claim of Daniel Lakin to the amount of seventy dollars. Notwithstanding the above acknowledgments and allowances, it is expressly understood and agreed by the respective parties to this compact, that the several claims in this article, and the items which compose the same, shall be submitted to the strictest scrutiny and examination of the Secretary of War, and the accounting officers of the Treasury Department, and such amount only shall be allowed as may be found just and true. Amionn XVII. On the ratification of this convention, the privileges p,.,,,,I€g,,s by of every description, granted to the Ottoway nation within the State of former treaties Ohio, by the treaties under which they hold the reservations of land ‘° °‘°°¤°· herein ceded, shall forever cease and determine. Arvrrctn XVIII. Whenever the deficiency of five hundred and eighty Detiqency in dollars, which accrued in the annuities of the Ottoways for 1830, shall gg3S1V9S f°*‘ be paid, the parties to this convention, residing on Blanchard’s fork and ' Oquanoxa’s village, shall receive their fair and equitable portion of the same, either at their present or intended residence. Airrrcna XIX. The chiefs signing this convention, also agree, in Additional addition to the claims allowed in the sixteenth article thereof, that they mumsowe John Anderson two hundred dollars; and Francis Lavoy two hundred dollarsf Arvrrcnn XX. It is agreed that there shall be allowed to N au-on- A1lowance_:o quai-que-zhick, one hundred dollars, out of the surplus fund accruing N”“",’1€",‘2“°*‘ from the sales of the lands herein ceded, in consequence of his not owing qw`! ° ° any debts, and having his land sold, to pay the debts of his brethren. In testimony whereof, the aforesaid parties to this Convention, have hereunto set their hands and seals at the Indian reserve on the Miami bay of Lake Erie, the day and year above written. JAMES B. GARDINER. Ar-taish-nai-wau, Cumchaw, (Blanchard’s fork,) 0-quai-naas·a, Cum chaw, (Wolf Rapids,) Os-cha-no, or Charlo, Sus-sain, Quacint, Ca ba yaw, Waw-ba-ga-cake, O sho queue, Che-cauk, Muc-eo-tai-pee-nai·sce, Peton-0-quet, 0-sage, Oshaw-wa-non, Pan tee, Pc nais we, Me san kce, Nau qua ga sheek, O mus se nau, Pe nais won quet, Non dai wau, Pe she keinee, B au vaince. Signed and sealed in the presence of Wm. Walker, Secy. to Commissioner. R. A. Forsyth, Sub. Agt. of Ind. Afil Henry Conner, Sub-agent. John Anderson. John McDonell. Dan. B. Miller. Levi S. Humphrey. James H. Forsyth. William Wilson. Lambert Cauchois. Geo. B. Knaggs. J. J. Godfroy. To the I ndinn names are subjoiued a mark and seal.