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TREATY WITH THE WINNEBAGOES. 1832. 37] du Chene, the first day of August, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, to the place of beginning. Amqcnn II. In part consideration of the above eession, it is hereby C,,,,;,,,;,,,;,, stipulated and agreed, that the United States grant to the Winnebago United States. nation, to be held as other Indian lands are held, that part of the tract of country on the west side of the Mississippi, known, at present, as the Neutral ground, embraced within the following limits, viz: beginning on the west bank of the Mississippi river, twenty miles above the mouth of the upper Ioway river, where the line of the lands purchased of the Sioux Indians, as described in the third article of the treaty of Prairie du Chien, of the fifteenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and Am, 1>·3%· thirty, begins; thence, with said line, as surveyed and marked, to the eastern branch of the Red Cedar creek, thence, down said creek, forty miles, in a straight line, but following its windings, to the line of a purchase, made of the Sac and Fox tribes of Indians, as designated in the second article of the before recited treaty; and thence along the southern line of said last mentioned purchase, to the Mississippi, at the point marked by the surveyor, appointed by the President of the United States, on the margin of said river; and thence, up said river, to the place of beginning. The exchange of the two tracts of country to take place on or before the first day of June next; that is to say, on or before that day, all the \Vinnebagoes now residing within the country ceded by them, as above, shall leave the said country, when, and not before, they shall be allowed to enter upon the country granted by the United States, in exchange. Am·rc1.r·: III. But, as the country hereby ceded by the Winnebago Annnny {0;*27 nation is more extensive and valuable than that given by the United Years- States in exchange; it is further stipulated and agreed, that the United States pay to the Winnebago nation, annually, for twenty-seven successive years, the first payment to be made in September of the next year, the sum of ten thousand dollars, in specie; which sum shall be paid to the said nation at Prairie du Chien, and Fort Winnebago, in sums proportional to the numbers residing most conveniently to those places respectively. An·r·1cr.s IV. It is further stipulated and agreed, that the United gnnontn, be States shall erect a suitable building, or buildings, with a garden, and established und a field attached, somewhere near Fort Crawford, or Prairie du Chien, ixgligllgd bY and establish and maintain therein, for the term of twenty-seven years,° aschool for the education, including clothing, board, and lodging, of such Winnebago children as may be voluntarily sent to it: the school to be conducted by two or more teachers, male and female, and the said children to be taught reading, writing, arithmetic, gardening, agriculture, carding, spinning, weaving, and sewing, according to their ages and sexes, and such other branches of useful knowledge as the President 0f the United States may prescribe: Provided, That the annual cost of Pyovigo, the school shall not exceed the sum of three thousand dollars. And, in order that the said school may be productive of the greatest benefit to the Winnebago nation, it is hereby subjected to the visits and inspections of his Excellency the Gouvernor of the State of Illinois for the time being; the United States’ General Superintendents of Indian affairs; of the United States' agents who may be appointed to reside among the Winnebago Indians, and of any officer of the United States’ Army, who may be of] or above the rank of Major: Provided, That the commanding officer of Fort Crawford shall make such visits and inspections frequently, although of an inferior rank. Armcrs V. And the United States further agree to make to the af;‘;“};‘Q_l;}l°"‘ said nation of Winnebago Indians the following allowances, for the years,