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TREATY WITH THE CHICKASAWS. 1832. 387 Axvrrcra XV. The Chickasaws request that no persons be permitted No seniemem to move in and settle on their country before the land is sold. It is l" Cl‘l°k’?“°“’ therefore agreed, that no person, whatsoever, who is not Chickasaw or "m““d connected with the Chickasaws by marriage, shall be permitted to come l into the country and settle on any part of the ceded lands untill they shall be offered for sale, and then there shall not he any person permitted to settle on any of the land, which has not been sold, at the time of such settlement, and in all cases of a person settling on any of the ceded lands contrary to this express understanding, they will be intruders, and must be treated as such, and put 0H` of the lands of the nation. In witness of all and every thing herein determined, between the United States and the whole Chickasaw nation in general council assembled, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, at the council house, on Pontitock creek, in the Chickasaw nation, on this twentieth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two. JOHN COFFEE. Ish-te-ho-to·pa, [King] Ah-sha-cubbe, Tish-o—min-go, Im-mah-ho—bah, Levi Colbert, Fit.chab-pla, George Colbert, Unte-mi-ah-tubhe, William M’Gilvery, Oke-lah-hin·lubbe, Samuel Sely, John Glover, To-pul-kah, Bah-me-hubbe, Isaac Albertson, Hush-tah-tah-ubbc, Em-ub-by, Un-ti-ha-kah-tubbe, Pis·tah-lah-tubbe, Yum-mo-tubbe, Ish-tim—o-lut-ka, Oh-ha-cubbe, James Brown, Ah-fab-mah, Im·mah-h00·l0·tubbe, Ah-ta-kin-tubbe, Ish-ta-ha·chah, Ah-to-ko-wah, Lah-tin-hubbe, Tab-ha-cubbc, Shop-pow-me, Kin-hoi-cha, Nin-uck-ah-umba, Ish-te-ah·tubbe, Im-mah·hoo-la-tubbe, Chick-ah-shah-nan-ubbe, Illup-pah-umba, Che·wut-ta-ha, Pitman Colbert, Fo-lut-ta—chab, Con-mush-ka·ish-kah, N 0·wo-ko, James Wolfe, Win-in-a-pa, Bah-ha-kah-tubbe, Oke-lah-shah-cubbe, E. Bah-kah-tubbe, Ish-ta-ki-yu-ka-tubbe, Captain Thompson, Mah-te-ko-shubbe, New-berry, Tom-chick-uh, Bah-ma·hah·tubbe, Ei-o-che-tubbe, John Lewis, N uck-sho-pubbe, Lyah-h0u»tubbe, Fab-lah-mo-tubbe, Tok-holth·la·chah, Co-chub-be, Oke-lah-nah-nubbe, Thomas Sely, Im-me·tubbe, Oke-lab-sha-pi-a. In-kah-yen, Signed and sealed in the presence of Ben. Reynolds, Indian Agent. John L. Allen, Sub Agent. Nath. Anderson, Sec. to the Commr. Benj. Love, U. S. Interpreter. Robert Gordon, Missi. George Wightman, of ditto. John ·D0nley, Tenn. D. S. Parrish, Tennessee. S. Daggett, Missi. Wm. A. Clurm. G. W. Long. To the Indian names are subjcined marks.