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394 TREATY WITH THE POTTAWATIMIES. 1832. rity of the powers vested in the said commissioners, and the said deputation, by the fourteenth article of the aforesaid treaty, have agreed that the boundary lines of the lands assigned to the Kickapoos, shall begin on the Delaware line, where said line crosses the leit branch of Salt creek, thence down said creek to the Missouri river, thence up the Missouri river thirty miles when measured on a straight line, thence westwardly to a point twenty miles from the Delaware line, so as to include in the lands assigned the Kickapoos, at least twelve hundred square miles. Done at Fort Leavenworth, this twenty-sixth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two. NATHAN KOUNS. FRANK J. ALLEN. Nam·a-co-wa.-ha, the Bear. Na-pci-haw, the man asleep. P0·sh¤»-ka-nah, the Bear. Pam-a-saw, or Walker. Signed and sealed in presence of James Kennerly, Secretary. Wm. N. WickliBQ Captain 6th Infantry. J. Freeman, Lt. 6th Infantry. Winslow Turner. And.L. Hughes, U. S. Indian agent. To the Indian names are subjolned a muk and seal. ARTICLES OF A TREATY 0d_ 26, 183; Made and concluded on Tqnpecanoe River, in the Stale py; In-

 diana, between Jonathan Jennings, John W Davis and arks

Jan. 21, 1833., Crume, Commissioners on the part of the United States, and the Chiefs, Aeadmen and Warriors, of the Pottawatimie Indians, this twenty-sixth day of October, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-two. Ccmm ,0 me Anrrcns I. The Chiefs, Headmen and Warriors, aforesaid, agree to U. s, cede to the United States their title and interest to lands in the State of Indiana, (to wit :) beginning at a point on Lake Michigan, where the line dividing the States of Indiana and Illinois intersects the same; thence with the margin of said Lake, to the intersection of the southern boundary of a cession made by the Pottawatimies, at the treaty of the Wabash, of eighteen hundred and twenty-six; thence east, to the northwest corner of the cession made by the treaty of St. Joseph’s, in eighteen hundred and twenty-eight; thence south ten miles; thence with the Indian boundary line to the Michigan road; thence south with said road to the northern boundary line, as designated in the treaty of eighteen hundred and twenty-six, with the Pottawatimies ; thence west with the Indian boundary line to the river Tippecanoe; thence with the Indian boundary line, as established by the treaty of eighteen hundred and eighteen, at St. Mary’s to the line dividing the States of Indiana and Illinois; and thence north, with the line dividing the said States, to the place of beginning. Rc,m.v,,,;°m_ Anvrrcm II. From the cession aforesaid, the following reservations are made, (to wit:) .lI·`or the band of Aub-be-naub-bee, thirty-six sections, to include his vi age. For the bands of Men-o-mi-nee, No-taw-kah, Muck-kah-tab-mo-way and Pee-pin·oh-waw, twenty two sections.