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TREATY WITH THE QUAPAWS. 1833. 425 rate them and receive them as a constituent part of their tribe as contemplated by their treaty with the United States, and as they saw no alternative but to perish if they continued there, or to return to their old residence on the Arkansas, they therefore chose the latter; and whereas they now find themselves very unhappily situated in consequence of having their little improvements taken from them by the settlers of the country; and being anxious to secure a permanent and peaceable home the following article or treaty are agreed upon between the United States and the Quapaw Indians by John F. Schermerhorn —--- -—— -—- commissioners of Indian affairs west and the chiefs and warriors of said Quapaw Indians this (13th) thirteenth day of May 1833.- Aivrrcrn I. The Quapaw Indians hereby relinquish and convey to Lands formerthe United States all their right and title to the lands given them by the ll' SMH 1”¢li¤- Caddo Indians on the Bayou Treache of Red River.-- q“‘Sl‘°d *° U·S· ART. II. The United States hereby agree to convey to the Quapaw Other lands Indians one hundred and fifty sections of land west of the State line of 8¤’¤¤¢¢d by U·S· Missouri and between the lands of the Senecas and Shawnees, not heretofore assigned to any other tribe of Indians, the same to be selected and assigned by the commissioners of Indian affairs west, and which is expressly designed to be [in] lieu of their location on Red River and to carry into eifect the treaty of 1824, in order to provide a permanent home for their nation; the United States agree to convey the same by patent, to them and their descendants as long as they shall exist as a nation or continue to reside thereon, and they also agree to protect them in their new residence, against all interruption or disturbance from any other tribe or nation of Indians or from any other person or persons whatever. Ana-. III. Whereas it is the policy of the United States in all their Expenses of intercourse with the Indians to treat them liberally as well as justly, and removal, &c. to endeavour to promote their civilization and prosperity; it is further agreed that in consideration of the important and extensive cessions of lands made by the Quapaws to the United States and in view of their present impoverished and wretched condition, they shall be removed to their new homes at the expense of the United States and that they will supply them with one year’s provision from the time of their removal, which shall be as soon as they receive notice of the ratihcation of this treaty by the President and Senate of the United States. The United States will also furnish and deliver to them, after their arrival at their new homes, one hundred cows, one hundred breeding hogs, one hundred sheep, ten yoke of working cattle, twenty-five ploughs, one hundred axes, one hundred hoes, four ox carts, and one wagon, with all their necessary rigging, twenty iron hand corn-mills, tools of different descriptions to the amount of two hundred dollars, also looms, wheels, reels and wool-cards to the amount of two hundred dollars, one hundred blankets, fifty rifles, and five shot guns all with Hint locks, ten kegs of powder, and six hundred pounds of lead; The United States agree to provide a farmer to reside with them and to aid and instruct them in their agricultural pursuits and a blacksmith to do their necessary work, with a shop and tools and iron and steel not exceeding one ton per year. The United States also agree to appropriate one thousand dollars per year for education purposes to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States; the farmer and blacksmith and the above appropriation for education purposes to be continued only as long as the President of the United States deems necessary for the best interests of the Indians, AM. IV. It is hereby mutually agreed upon between the parties re- penn; to be Spcctively to this treaty, that in lieu of and in full consideration of their Pm by U· S- 54 2 1. 2