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462 TREATY WITH THE MIAMIES. 1834. Ma·quagh·c0n-nong, Kee-la-come·wa·quah, Ma-ma·see-cha, Yah-ka-cone-na, Poqua, Co-come-wah, Wa-pa-co-cha, Po-co-ga, Sha-pon-to-saw, Che·ke-no-quah, Ne-pa-wa, Kee.she-comsaw, Sha-pon-to-saw, Wa—pa-co-se-ah, To-san-yah, Ta·co-qua, No-wa-co-paugh, Ta-co-qua, Sho-e-lin-chee, Cot-tee-mon-gua, Min-see-quah, Long-guah, Mi-a-que-ah, Wa-pa-pe~taugb, Fa-fa, Go-ta-co-paugh, Pa-pin-gee-she, To-san-ne·ah, Kee-m0·te-ah, Captain Flour, Wa-wa-saw-ma, Go-ta-ca-puah, Mun-gone-saw, John B. Richardville, 0.wan-so-pe-ah, Principal chieli Alien Hamilton, Sect’y to the Commissioner. J. P. Taylor, Capt. U. S. army. Jesse Vermilya. Peter Langley, Interpreter. To the Indian names are nubjoiued marks. And whereas, Aivnnsw Jacxsoiv, then President of the United States of America, not approving of said treaty, the principal Chiefs of said tribe of Indians assented to certain modifications thereof, as appears by the following agreement between said Chiefs and Jonathan Keller, Commissioner of the United States, viz: ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT, July 31, 1837. .ZlIade and entered into, at the Forks of the Wabash, on the 31st day """"""" of July, 1837, between Jonathan Keller commissioner of the United States, and the principal chi¢ of the Mami tribe of Indians, witnesseth: Amm of the Tun it is agreed between the contracting parties, that certain articles Indians to cer- of a treaty entered into between William Marshall commissioner of the

  • 9** ¤'¤;,dl§°¤· United States and the Miami Indians on the 23d day of October 1834,

f;';';,,'? ° ° (not being in conformity to the views of the President of the United States) and being submitted to us the head chiefs by direction of the President for modification, the undersigned hereby consents and agrees to the following modifications, to wit; From the second section strike out all that relates to the payment of goods to the Miamies, as a part consideration for the lands ceded, and insert money in lieu thereofand all that relates to placing money in the hands of a white man to pay the debts of the Indians, to alter the 7th section, and to add the Sth section to the 6th,and strike from the treaty the 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, and 15th sections. The undersigned chiefs consenting to and confirming the entire cession made by the treaty above mentioned. In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our names the date above mentioned. JONATHAN KELLER. John B. Richardville, Ma-gi-ne·ca. Francis Godfrey, Wrwxzssss rnssnnr, Allen Hamilton. A. C. Pepper, Indian Agent. To the Indian names are sulrioinecl marks.