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570 TREATY WITH THE MIAMIES. 1838. the eastern boundary line of the big reserve, where the Mississinnewa river crosses the same; thence down said river with the meander-s thereof to the mouth of the creek called Forked Branch; thence north two miles; thence in a direct line to a point on the eastern boundary line two miles north of the place of beginning; thence south to the place of beginning, supposed to contain ten square miles. Consideration Ama 3. In consideration of the cession aforesaid, the United States f°' md °°“*°“· agree to pay the Miami tribe of Indians three hundred and thirty-five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars; sixty thousand dollars of which to be paid immediately after the ratification of this treaty and the appropriation to carry its provisions into effect ; and the residue of said sum after the payment of claims hereinafter stipulated to be paid, in ten yearly instalments of twelve thousand five hundred and sixty- eight dollars per year. Pgyrnents to Ama 4. It is further stipulated that the sum of six thousand eight g;lIB·§§li?'d' hundred dollars, be paid John B. Richardville; and the sum of two G0d;,0y_thousand six hundred and twelve dollars be paid Francis Godfroy; which said sums are their respective claims against said tribe prior to October 23, 1834, excluded from investigation by the late commissioner of the United States, by reason of their being Indians of said tribe. Qommissioner AM. 5. The said Miami tribe of Indians being anxious to pay all

3 !“"°Bg§¤*° their just debts, at their request it is stipulated, that immediately after

` mms’ °' the ratification of this treaty, the United States shall appoint a commis— sioner or commissioners, who shall be authorized to investigate all claims against said tribe which have accrued since the 23d day of October 1834, without regard to distinction of blood in the claimants; and to pay such debts as, having accrued since the said period, shall be proved to his or their satisfaction, to be legal and just. $150,000 to be ART. 6. It is further stipulated that the sum of one hundred and fifty ¤¤t apartforthe thousand dollars out of the amount agreed to be paid said tribe in the l’;;";f£;1‘;f°""' third article of this treaty, shall be set apart for the payment of the ` claims under the provisions of the fourth and fifth articles of this treaty, as well as for the payment of any balance ascertained to be due from said tribe by the investigation under the provisions of the treaty of 1834; and should there be an unexpended balance in the hands of said commissioner or commissioners after the payment of said claims, the same shall be paid over to the said tribe at the payment of their next subsequent annuity; but should the said sum so set apart for the purpose aforesaid, be found insufficient to pay the same, then the ascertained balance due on said claims shall be paid in three equal instalments from the annuities of said tribe. Debts of In- And the said Miami tribe of Indians through this public instrument di¤¤¤¤6¢*9¤P¢· proclaim to all concerned, that no debt or debts that any Indian or In- {;;‘;r“:n’;g5;;;’“ dians of said tribe may contract with any person or persons, shall operate or lands. as a lien on the annuity or annuities, nor on the land of the said tribe for legal enforcement. Nor shall any person or persons other than the members of said Miami tribe, who may by sufferance live on the land of, or intermarry in, said tribe, have any right to the land or any interest in the annuities of said tribe, until such person or persons shall have been by general council adopted into their tribe. Buildi¤gs,_&¤. Arvr. 7. It is further stipulated, that the United States will cause the 2*6 ¤PP*’mS°d» buildings and improvements on the land hereby ceded, to be appraised, c' and have buildings and improvements of a corresponding value made at such places as the chiefs of said tribe may designate: and the Indians