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74 TREATY WITH THE DELAWARES, ETC. 1803. · i,, d A T, 1I. The said line, when thus remarked and reestablished, shall relliixeliow ILS forrnathe boundary between the United States and the said Choctaw nation, in that quarter, and the said Choctaw nation, for, and in con. sideration of one dollar, to them in hand paid by the said United States, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby release to the said United tates, and quit claim for ever, to all that tract of land which is included by the beforenamed line on the north, by the Chickasawhay river on the west, by the Tombigby and the Mobile rivers on the east, and by the boundary of the United States on the south. Alteration of Awr. IH. The chiefs, head men, and warriors, of the said Choctaw oid boundary- nation, do hereby constitute, authorise and appoint, the chiefs and head men of the upper towns of the said nation, to make such alteration in the old boundary line near the mouth of the Yazou river, as may be found convenient, and may be done without injury to the said nation. When to take Amr. IV. This convention shall take eH'ect and become obligatory on °*I°°'• the contracting parties as soon as the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall have ratified the same. In testimony whereof; the parties have hereunto set their hands and allixed their seals, at Fort Confederation, on the Tombigby in the Choctaw country, this 17th day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two, and of the independence of the United States the twenty-seventh. J AMES WILKINSON. In behalf of the lower towns and Chickasawhay. Tusk-6-na Ho6—p0i-0, Mingo Poos·ko0s, 2d, Mingo Poos-koos, Poosh a. Mat-ta-haw. In behaff of the upper towns. Oak Chummy, Tuskee, Mai·a-by. In behalf of the sia: towns and lower town. Lat-al·a hdm-ah, Mingo, Hom, As·tubby, M00k·la-hoo-soo poi-eh, Tusk-n hom-nh. Wrrxsssns Pnnsr1r·r:—Silas Dinsmore, Agent to the Choctaws. Peter H. Naisalis, John Long, Interpreters. John Pitchlynn, Turner Bmshcars. Tn the Indian names are subjoined n mark and seal. ARTICLES OF A TREATY y,,,,,, y, mom Between the United. Statejlof America, and the Delawares, Sha- —···———_ wanoes, Putawatzmzes, zamies, Eel River, Weeas, Idcka cos, Proclamation · . . . P DW 2S_ ,803] Pmnkashaws, and Kaskas/nas nattons of bzdtans. Anrrcnns of a treaty made at Fort Wayne on the Miami of the Lake, between William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana territory, superintendent of Indian affairs and commissioner plenipotentiary of the United Statesfor concluding any treaty or treaties which may be found necessary with any of the Indian tribes north west of the Ohio, of the one part, and the tribes of Indians called the Delawares, Shawanoes, Putawatimres, Miamies and Kickapoos, by their chiefs and head warriors, and those of the Eel river, Weeas, Piankashaws and Kaskas-