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[70 Stat. LXV]
[70 Stat. LXV]




^^^^ Interior, Department of the—Continued ^*^® Interior, Department of the—Continued National P a r k Service—Continued Fish and Wildlife Service—Continued Colonial National Historical Park, Hawaii, Federal aid to 473 Va., land exchanges 61 Holden T r o u t Hatchery, Pittsford, Concession leases and contracts, relief Vt., construction, operation, etc_ 897 from reporting requirements 543 Little Wood River project, Blaine County, Idaho, 15sh and wildlife District of Columbia, advances for services 449 preservation 1060 General G r a n t tree, care and mainteOkefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, nance of shrine 57 Ga., preservation of 668 Guam, cooperative studies of public Personnel training grants for fishing parks and recreational program s. 908 industry, authorized 1126 Horseshoe Bend National Military Reorganization, etc 1120 Park, Ala., examination of area; Washita River Basin reclamation project, Okla., preservation and administration of 651 propagation of fish and wildlife. _ 28 Leifr Ericsson statue, gift from EricsWashoe reclamation project, proson Memorial Committee, acvision for fish and wildlife receptance of; selection of site in source facilities 777 District of Columbia; acceptance of donations for erection of, General provisions, appropriation a c t s.. 266, authorized 922 273, 478 Geological Survey, appropriation for. 169, 260 Mikveh Israel Cemetery, designation Great Lakes Fishery Act of 1956 242 as a unit of the Independence Henderson, Nev., conveyance of certain National Historical Park, P a 1074 lands to 156 Pea Ridge National Military Park, Highways in Alaska, transfer of funcArk., establishment authority, tions regarding 377 administration 593 I n a u g u r a l ceremonies, permits for use of Theodore Roosevelt National Memogrounds, etc 1049 rial Park, revision in b o u n d a r i e s. 55 Indian Affairs, Bureau of. See Bureau Zion National Park, Utah, combined of Indian Affairs under Indians. with Zion National Monument Indian p r o b a t e work, appointment of as single p a r k unit 527 hearing officers for 257 National P a r k s. See separate title. Indians. See separate title. Oil and Gas, Office of, appropriation for. 168, Lake County, Oreg., conveyance of 181, 257, 687 land to School District No. 24 65 Phillips County Post, N u m b e r e d 57, the L and Management, Bureau of, approAmerican Legion, Mont., conveypriation for . 168, 257, 687 ance of certain lands to 289 Lower Lake Rancheria, Calif., sale of_ _ 58, 595 Public lands. See separate title. Meetings, funds available for a t t e n d P u e r to Rico, transfer of certain authorance 273, 478 ity concerning, to Agriculture and Miles City, Mont., land conveyance, Public Housing Commission 525 authorized 186 Rapid City, S. Dak., contracts respectMineral deposits, disposal of 592 ing furnishing of water by governMineral leasing, grants to States for ment 989 school purposes, clarification of law Reclamation, Bureau of— relating to 529 Appropriation for 181, 475, 771 Minerals Mobilization, Office of, approCommissioner, salary 739 priation for 257 Reclamation projects— Administration of contracts 483 Mines, Bureau of— Buford-Trenton Irrigation District, Appropriation for 181, 261 authority for transfer of operSale of products manufactured in ation and maintenance responpilot plants, authority 262 sibility for project works to 481 National monuments. See separate title. Colorado River storage project, auNational P a r k Service— thorized 105 Acquisition of non-Federal lands in Crooked River Federal reclamation Cape H a t t e r a s National Seaproject, Oreg., construction aushore Recreational Area 1066 thorized 1058 Appropriation for 169, 181, 262 Drainage works construction funds 274