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(2) made available outside the United States not later than August 15 before the election, and inside the United States not later than September 15 before the election; and (3) made available at appropriate times for use in general elections other than those covered by clause (1), and in primary and special elections. (b) On one side of the post card the following shall be printed: FILL OUT EVERY ITEM Secretary of State, or other appropriate official within the State of

(1) I hereby request an absentee ballot to vote in the coming (general) (primary) (special) election. (Strike out inapplicable words)

(2) I am a citizen of the United States, serving— in the armed forces () in the merchant marine of the United States () as a civilian outside the United States officially attached to and serving with the armed forces () (3) I was born (Day)



(4) For years preceding the above election my home residence (not military residence) in the above State has been , (Street and number or rural route)

, (City, town, or village)

To the best of my knowledge, my voting precinct (County)

or district is (5) Mail my ballot to the following service (or merchant marine) address (Must include COMPLETE military, naval, or merchant nmrine MAIL address; include military or naval unit and APO or FPO and Postmaster; for merchant marine include vessel, foreign agent, and port)

You must both sign your name and print or type it

(Sign here) (Print or type name and serial number plainly here)

Subscribed and sworn to before me on (Day, month, year) (Commissioned or warrant officer, noncommissioned officer of one of the highest four enlisted grades, or petty officer, or other person authorized to administer and attest this oath, writes his name and rank or title here)

(Name) (Title)

If this card is used in applying for a primary ballot (but not otherwise), state below choice of party:

(c) On the other side of the post card the following shall be printed in red: Free of U. S. postage including air mail Name and complete military, naval, or merchant marine address