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269 § 4774. Construction of q u a r t e r s: limitations on space and cost (a) In the construction of family quarters from appropriated funds for members of the Army, the following are the maximum limitations on net floor area for each unit: Grade Square feet General officer 2,100 Colonel 1,670 Major or lieutenant colonel 1,400 Officer below major 1, 250 Enlisted member 1,080 I n this section, "net floor area" means the space inside the exterior walls, excluding basement, service space instead of basement, attic, garage, and porches. (b) The maximum limitations prescribed by subsection (a) are increased— (1) 10 percent for quarters outside the United States; and (2) 10 percent for quarters of the commanding officer of any station, base, or other installation, based on the grade authorized for that position. (c) The maximum limitations for family quarters constructed from appropriated funds for civilians are the same as those for members of the Army of comparable responsibility, grade, and pay, as determined by the Secretary of the Army. (d) Except when built by members of the Army, no permanent barrack, quarters, building, or other permanent structure may be built unless a detailed estimate of its cost has been submitted to Congress and a specific appropriation has been made therefor. No one may build such a structure without specific authority of Congress if the cost is more than $100,000. (e) A limitation upon the cost of quarters built for members of the Army does not apply to expenditures for work and equipment outside those quarters, including expenditures for— (1) the furnishing of electricity, gas, water, and sewage disposal; (2) roads and walks; and (3) grading and drainage. §4775. Q u a r t e r s: officers If there are quarters belonging to the United States at a post or station, the post quartermaster may assign them as follows: Number Grade of rooms Lieutenant general 10 Major general 9 Brigadier general 8 Colonel 7 Lieutenant colonel 6 Major 5 Captain 4 First lieutenant 3 Second lieutenant 2 I f such quarters exist, he may assign no other quarters to commissioned officers.