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437 CHAPTER 605.—UNITED STATES NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Sec. 7041. 7042. 7043. 7044. 7045. 7046. 7047.

Function. Superintendent; assistants. Academic Dean. Civilian teachers: number; compensation. Officers of Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard: admission. OflScers of foreign countries: admission. Conferring of degrees on graduates.

§ 7041. Function There is a United States Naval Postgraduate School for the advanced instruction and technical education of commissioned officers of the naval service in their practical and theoretical duties. § 7042. Superintendent; assistants (a) The Secretary of the Navy shall detail as Superintendent of the Naval Postgraduate School an officer on the active list in the line of the Navy eligible for command at sea not below the grade of captain. The Superintendent has military command of the Postgraduate School. (b) The Secretary shall detail officers of the Navy and the Marine Corps of appropriate grades and qualifications to assist the Superintendent in— (1) the advanced instruction and technical education of students; and (2) the administration of the Postgraduate School. § 7043. Academic Dean (a) There is an Academic Dean of the Naval Postgraduate School, appointed from civil life for a term of not more than five years. H e shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Navy upon the recommendation of the Postgraduate School Council consisting of the Superintendent, the Deputy Superintendent, and the directors of the technical, administrative, and professional divisions of the school. (b) The Secretary may fix the compensation of the Academic Dean at not more than $12,000 a year, to be paid from appropriations for the operation of the Postgraduate School. § 7044. Civilian teachers: number; compensation The Secretary of the Navy may employ as many civilians as he considers necessary to serve at the Naval Postgraduate School under the direction of the Superintendent as senior professors, professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors. The Secretary shall prescribe the compensation of those persons. § 7045. Officers of Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard: admission (a) The Secretary of the Navy may permit officers of the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard to receive instruction at the Naval Postgraduate School. The numbers and grades of such officers shall be as