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441 §7088. Regulations The Secretary of the Navy shall prescribe regulations for the administration of this chapter.


631. 633. 635. 637. 639. 641. 648. 645. 647. 649. 651. 653. 655. 657. 659.

Secretary of the Navy: Miscellaneous Powers and Duties Naval Vessels Naval Aircraft Salvage Facilities Hydrographic Ofllce and Naval Observatory Naval Petroleum Reserves Civilian Employees Procurement of Supplies and Services Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material Quarters, Utilities, and Related Services Ships' Stores and Commissary Stores Claims Prize Stay of Judicial Proceedings Naval Militia


7201 7291 7341 7361 7391 7421 7471 7521 7541 7571 7601 7621 7651 7721 7851

CHAPTER 631.—SECRETARY OF THE NAVY: MISCELLANEOUS POWERS AND DUTIES Sec. 7201. 7202. 7203. 7204. 7205. 7206. 7207. 7208. 7209. 7210. 7211.

Guided missiles: research and development, procurement, and construction. Emergency and extraordinary expenses. Scientific investigation and research. Schools near naval activities: financial aid; transportation of dependents. Promotion of health and prevention of accidents. Minor construction and extension of structiures. Administration of liberated and occupied areas. Latin American cooperation. Rewards for recovery of missing naval property. Purchase of patents, patent applications, and licenses. Attendance at meetings of technical, professional, or scientific organiza* tions. 7212. Employment of outside architects and engineers. 7213. Relief of contractors and their employees from losses by enemy actionu 7214. Apprehension of deserters and prisoners; operation of shore i^trols. 7215. Naval prisons, prison farms, and prisoners. 7216. Collection, preservation, and display of captured flags. 7217. Annual report to Congress: appropriations. 7218. Recognition for accomplishments, special service, and good conduct. 7219. Leases of waterfront property from States or municipalities. 7220. Gifts for welfare of enlisted members. 7221. Acceptance and care of gifts to vessels. 7222. OflSce of Naval Records and History gift fund. 7223. Acquisition of land for radio stations and for other purposes. 7224. Transportation on naval vessels during wartime. 7225. Naval Reserve flag. 7226. Naval Reserve yacht pennant. 7227. Foreign naval vessels: supplies and services. 7228. Merchant vessels: supplies. 7229. Purchase of fuel.