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C H A P T E R 869.—RETIRED G R A D E Sec. 8961. General rule 8962. Higher g r a d e for service in special positions: regular commissioned officers 8963. Higher g r a d e for service during certain periods: regular and reserve commissioned officers 8964. Higher grade after 30 years of service: Air Force w a r r a n t officers; regular enlisted members 8965. Restoration to former g r a d e: Regular Air Force w a r r a n t officers and enlisted members 8966. Retired lists

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C H A P T E R 871.—COMPUTATION OF R E T I R E D PAY Sec. 8991. Computation of retired pay 8992. Recomputation of retired pay to reflect advancement on retired list

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C H A P T E R 873.—CIVILIAN E M P L O Y E E S Sec. 9021. 9022. 9023. 9025.

Appointment: professional and scientific services Contract surgeons Service club and library services Production of supplies and m u n i t i o n s: h o u r s and pay of laborers and mechanics

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Sec. 9301. Members of Air For c e: detail as students, observers, and investigators a t educational institutions, industrial plants, and h o s p i t a l s. 9302. Enlisted members of Air For c e: schools 9303. Aviation cadets and aviation students: schools 9304. Aviation students: detail of enlisted members of Air Force 9305. Civilian flying school i n s t r u c to r s: instruction a t Air Force training commands 9306 Service schools: leaves of absence for instructors 9314. United States Air Force Institute of Technology: degrees

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C H A P T E R 903.—UNITED STATES A I R FOR C E ACADEMY Sec. 9331. 9332. 9333. 9334. 9335. 9336. 9337. 9341. 9342. 9343. 9344. 9345 9346. 9347. 9348. 9349. 9350. 9851. 9352. 9353. 9354. 9355.

Establishment; Superintendent; faculty Department s and professors: titles S u p e r i n t e n d e n t; faculty: appointment and detail Command and supervision Dean of the Faculty P e r m a n e n t professors Chaplain Faculty and other officers: leaves of absence C a d e t s: appointment; numbers, territorial distribution C a d e t s: appointment; to bring to full strength Selection of persons from Canada and American Republics Selection of Filipinos C a d e t s: requirements for admission C a d e t s; nominees: effect of redistricting of States C a d e t s: agreement to serve as officer C a d e t s: organization; service; instruction Cadets: clothing and equipment C a d e t s: deficiencies in conduct or s t u d i e s; effect of failure on successor C a d e t s: hazing C a d e t s: degree and commission on graduation Buildings and grounds: buildings for religious worship Board of Visitors

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