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446 (2) enter members of the naval service in competitions; and (3) provide badges or buttons in recognition of special service, good conduct, and discharge under conditions other than dishonorable. (b) The Secretary has the same authority with respect to members of the Coast Guard when the Coast Guard is operating as a service in the Navy, and with respect to members of the Coast and Geodetic Survey serving with the Navy, as subsection (a) provides with respect to members of the naval service. (c) The Secretary, to the extent he considers proper, may delegate the authority conferred by this section to any person in the Department of the Navy, with or without the authority to make successive redelegations. §7219.

Leases of waterfront property from States or municipalities I n leasing waterfront property from a State or municipality, the Secretary of the Navy may provide in the lease, where it is required by state law or municipal charter, that, as part or all of the consideration, any improvements placed upon the property by the United States become the property of the lessor when the lease, including any renewal, ends. § 7220. Gifts for welfare of enlisted members The Secretary of the Navy may accept gifts for use in providing recreation, amusement, and contentment for enlisted members of the naval service. The fund "Ships' Stores Profits, Navy" shall be credited with these gifts. § 7221. Acceptance and care of gifts to vessels The Secretary of the Navy may accept and care for such gifts of silver, colors, books, or other articles of equipment or furniture as, in accordance with custom, are made to vessels of the Navy. Necessary expenses incident to the care of gifts that are accepted shall be paid from the appropriation for the maintenance and operation of vessels. § 7222. Office of Naval Records and History gift fund (a) The Secretary of the Navy may accept, hold, and administer gifts and bequests of personal property, and loans of personal property other than money, for the benefit of the Office of Naval Records and History, its collection, or its services. Gifts or bequests of money shall be deposited in the Treasury in a trust fund called "Office of Naval Records and History Fund." (b) For the purpose of Federal income, estate, and gift taxes, property that is accepted under this section is considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States. (c) Upon the request of the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Treasury may invest or reinvest all or any part of the funds deposited under this section in securities of the United States or in. securities guaranteed by the United States. The interest accruing from these securities shall be deposited to the credit of the Office of Naval Records and History Fund. .