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471 (2) at military installations inside the United States where he determines that it is impracticable for those civilian officers, employees, and persons to obtain those stores from private agencies without impairing the efficient operation of naval activities. However, sales to civilian officers and employees inside the United States may be made only to those residing within military installations. §7602.

Sales: members of Army and Air Force; prices

The Navy and the Marine Corps shall sell subsistence supplies to any member of the Army or the Air Force at prices charged members of the naval service. § 7603. Sales: veterans under treatment A person who has been separated honorably or under honorable conditions from the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, or the Marine Corps and who is receiving care and medical treatment from the Public Health Service or the Veterans' Administration may buy subsistence supplies and other supplies, except articles of uniform, from the Navy and the Marine Corps at prices charged members of the naval service. §7604. Profit: ships* stores (a) A profit of not more than 15 percent may be charged on sales from ships' stores. Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy, the profit shall be used for the purposes stated in subsection (b) and shall be accounted for to the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. (b) On vessels of the Navy and at naval activities outside the United States, other than an activity designated by the Secretary as a permanent shore establishment, ships' stores profits shall be used equitably for the welfare of officers and enlisted members of the naval service. A t other naval activities, the profits shall be used for the amusement, comfort, and contentment of enlisted members only. § 7605. Acceptance of Government checks outside the United States Notwithstanding sections 521 and 543 of title 31, the Secretary of the Navy may authorize the officer in charge of any commissary store or ship's store ashore located outside the United States to— (1) accept any Government check tendered by a retired member of the Navy or the Marine Corps, a member of the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve, or a member of the Fleet Reserve or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, if the member is the payee of the check and the check is tendered in payment of amounts due from the member to the store; and (2) refund in cash any difference between the amount due and the amount of the tendered check. CHAPTER 653.—CLAIMS Sec. 7621. 7622. 7628. 7624. 7625.

Definitions. Admiralty claims against the United States. Admiralty claims by the United States. Reports to Congress. Claims against the United States: private property; loss or damage 81913 O—56