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512 far enough in advance of the date on which he will complete 7,14, or 21 years of service with which he is entitled to be credited for promotion, as the case may be, that if recommended, he may be promoted on the date on which he will complete that service. (c) Having in view the number of actual and anticipated vacancies on a promotion list in the regular grade of captain, major, or lieutenant colonel, the Secretary of the Air Force may direct a selection board to consider and recommend officers on that list for promotion to the next higher regular grade without regard to length of service. However, no officer may be considered for promotion under this section more than two years before the date on which it is anticipated that he will be promoted if recommended, and unless the same board considers all officers above him on that list who are not on a recommended list. (d) The names of promotion-list officers recommended for promotion under this section and section 8301 of this title shall be carried on permanent recommended lists of their grade and promotion list in the same order among themselves as on the applicable promotion list, and they shall be promoted in that order. A promotion may be made whenever there is a vacancy, but it is not mandatory that the authorized numbers be maintained" in any grade on any promotion list. (e) Whenever an officer is promoted under subsection (b), all officers in the same grade and on the same promotion list whose names are on the recommended list above that of the officer who must be promoted because of length of service shall be promoted at the same time and shall retain among themselves their existing seniority. (f) Female promotion-list officers, other than those designated under section 8067 of this title to perform professional functions, may be promoted to the regular grade of lieutenant colonel only to fill vacancies in the number authorized by the Secretary for that category, and only when recommended by a selection board under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary. Such a female promotion-list officer whose regular grade is major may not be eliminated from the active list because of failure of selection for promotion to the regular grade of lieutenant colonel. (g) A promotion-list officer who has been twice considered and not recommended for promotion to any one regular grade may not again be considered for promotion under this section. (h) This section does not apply to Air Force nurses and women medical specialists. §8300.

Commissioned officers: promotion to captain, major, or lieutenant colonel; selection board procedure (a) When promotion-list officers in the regular grade of first lieutenant, captain, or major are to be considered, under section 8299 of this title, by a selection board for promotion to the next higher regular grade to fill existing or anticipated vacancies, the Secretary of the Air Force may direct the board to— (1) consider officers in the specified grade in the order of their seniority on the promotion list concerned: (2) recommend those who are fully qualified for promotion; (3) pass over those not so qualified; and