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523 §8447. Appointments in commissioned grade: how made; how terminated (a) The appointment of a person under section 8442, 8443, 8444, or 8445 of this title shall be made without reference to any other appointment that he may hold in the Air Force. (b) Temporary appointments of commissioned officers in the Air Force shall oe made by the President alone in grades below brigadier general, and by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, in general officer grades. (c) The President may vacate at any time a temporary appointment in a commissioned grade. § 8448. Warrant officers: grades; appointment (a) The temporary warrant officer grades in the Air Force are those prescribed for regular warrant officers by section 8310(a) of this title. (b) Whenever, under authorization by Congress, the number of commissioned officers of the Air Force on active duty is more than the authorized strength of the Regular Air Force in commissioned officers on the active list, the Secretary of the Air Force shall determine the additional number needed in each of the warrant officer grades based on the number of warrant officers serving on active duty and the tasks being performed by the Air Force. The Secretary may appoint, by warrant, qualified persons as warrant officers to fill the vacancies resulting from that determination. Appointments under this subsection continue in expect during the pleasure of the Secretary. While holding such an appcint^oent^ a warrant officer may be ordered to active duty with any unit of the Air Force. (c) A warrant officer appointed under subsection (b) is entitled— (1) to count all periods of active duty under the appointment as warrant or enlisted service for all purposes; and (2) to the benefits of all laws and regulations applicable to the retirement, pensions, and disability of members of the Air Force on active duty. (d) If a person appointed under subsection (b) is a member of the Air Force at the time of his appointment, he may accept the appointment without prejudice to his existing status. Upon termination of his appointment he is entitled to the grade held at the time of that appointment. § 8449. Warrant officers: promotion Temporary promotions in warrant officer grades shall be governed by such regulations as the Secretary of the Air Force may prescribe. §8450. Warrant officers: suspension of laws for promotion or mandatory retirement or separation during war or emergency In time of war, or of emergency declared after May 29, 1954, by Congress or the President, the President may suspend the operation of any provision of law relating to promotion, or mandatory retirement or separation, of temporary warrant officers of the Air Force.