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531 §8579.

Command: commissioned officers in certain designated categories (a) An officer d e s i ^ a t e d as a medical, dental, veterinary, or medical service officer is not entitled to exercise command because of his rank, except within the categories prescribed in section 8067(a) - (d) of this title. (b) An Air Force nurse or woman medical specialist may exercise command only within her category, or over persons placed under her charge. § 8580. Command: female members of Air Force The Secretary of the Air Force shall prescribe the military authority that female members of the Air Force, except those designated under section 8067 of this title to perform professional functions, may exercise. §8581.

Command: chaplains

An officer designated as a chaplain has rank without command. §8582. Command: retired officers A retired officer has no right to command except when on active duty^ CHAPTER 847.—THE UNIFORM Sec.

8611. President may prescribe. 8612. Uniforms: disposition on discharge. §8611. President may prescribe The President may prescribe the uniform of the Air Force. §8612. Uniforms: disposition on discharge (a) Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c), when an enlisted member of the Air Force is discharged, the exterior articles of uniform in his possession that were issued to him, other than those articles that he may wear from the place of discharge to his home, under section 772 (d) of this title, shall be retained for military use. (b) When an enlisted member of the Air Force is discharged for bad conduct, undesirability, unouitability, inaptitude, or otherwise than honorably, the exterior articles of uniform in his possession shall be retained by the Air Force for military use. However, when authorized by regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the A i r Force, a suit of civilian outer clothing, and a civilian overcoat if necessary, costing together not more than $30, may be issued to that person. (c) When an enlisted member of the Air National Guard who has been called into Federal service is released from that service, the exterior articles of uniform in his possession shall be accounted for as property issued to the Air National Guard of the State or Territory, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, or the District of Columbia of whose Air National Guard he is a member, as prescribed in section 708 of title 32.