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538 covered from the allottee shall, if practicable, be collected by the Secretary from the officer who failed to make the report. § 8690. Exemption frpm arrest for debt: enlisted members No enlisted member of the Air Force, while on active duty, may be arrested on mesne process or taken or charged in execution for any debt, unless it was contracted before his enlistment and amounted to at least $20 when first contracted. § 8691. Flying officer rating: qualifications Only officers of the Air Force in the following categories may be rated as flying officers: (1) Officers who have aeronautical ratings as pilots of service types of aircraft or as aircraft observers. (2) Flight surgeons. (3) Officers undergoing flight training. (4) Officers who are members of combat crews, other than pilots of service types of aircraft, aircraft observers, and observers. (5) In time of war, officers who have aeronautical ratings as observers. § 8692. Pilot rating in time of peace: qualifications To be eligible to receive a rating as a pilot in time of peace, a member of the Air Force, other than an aviation cadet, must pilot a heavierthan-air craft for at least 200 hours, of which 75 are alone, and must successfully complete the prescribed course. § 8693. Replacement of certificates of discharge If satisfactory proof is presented that a person who was discharged honorably or under honorable conditions has lost his certificate of discharge from the Air Force, or that it was destroyed without his procurement or connivance, the Secretary may give that person, or his surviving spouse, a certificate of that discharge, indelibly marked to show that it is a certificate in place of the lost or destroyed certificate. A certificate given under this subsection may not be accepted as a voucher for the payment of a claim against the United States for pay, bounty, or other allowance, or as evidence in any other case. CHAPTER 855.—HOSPITALIZATION See. 8721. Members of Air Force, other than of Regular Air Force. 8722. Members of A. F. R. O. T. C. and C. A. T. C.; members of Air Force not covered by section 8721 of this title. 8723. When Secretary may require.

§ 8721. Members of Air Force, other than of Regular Air Force A member of the Air Force, other than of the Regular Air Force, is entitled to the hospital benefits provided by law or regulation for a member of the Regular Air Force of corresponding grade and length of service, whenever— (1> he is called or ordered to active duty for a period of more than 30 days, and is disabled in line of duty from disease while so employed; or