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575 § 9504. Procurement for experimental purposes The Secretary of the Air Force may buy ordnance, sifjnal, and chemical warfare supplies, inchidinp; parts and accessories, and designs thereof, that he considers necessary for experimental or test purposes in the development of the best supplies that are needed for the national defense. Purchases under this section may be made inside or outside the United States, with or without competitive bidding, and by contract or otherwise. Chapter 137 of this title applies when such purchases are made in quantity. § 9505. Procurement of production equipment The Secretary of the Air Force may make or procure gauges, dies, jigs, tools, fixtures, and other special aids and appliances, and specifications and drawings, necessary for the immediate manufacture of arms, ammunition, or special equipment that are necessary to equip the Air Force and are likely to be needed in time of war. Whenever he considers it in the best interest of the United States, the Secretary may procure any of those items without regard to laws prescribing competition in the procurement of supplies. § 9506. Sale, loan, or gift of samples, drawings, and information to contractors The Secretary of the Air Force, under regulations to be prescribed by him, may sell, lend, or give such samples, drawings, and manufacturing or other information as he considers best for the national defense— (1) to any contractor for Air Force supplies under approved production phms: and (2) to any person likely to manufacture or supply Air Force supplies under such plans. § 9507. Sale of ordnance and ordnance stores to designers The Secretary of the Air Force may sell to designers who are nationals of the United States serviceable ordnance and ordnance stores necessary in the development of designs for the armed forces. CHAPTER 933.—PROCUREMENT Sec.

9531. 9532. 9534. 9535. 9536. 9537. 9538. 9540.

Authorization. Factories, arsenals, and depots: manufacture at. Subsistence supplies: contract stipulations; place of delivery on inspection. Exceptional subsistence supplies: purchases without advertising. Equipment: balceries, schools, kitchens, and mess halls. Military surveys and maps: assistance of United States mapping agencies. Unserviceable ammunition: exchange and reclamation. Architectural and engineering services.

§ 9531. Authorization The Secretary of the Air Force may procure— (1) the aircraft or airframe tons authorized by section 8062 of this title; (2) aircraft to replace those which he determines to be unserviceable or obsolete; (3) guided missiles; and