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591 §9776. Emergency construction: fortifications If in an emergency the President considers it urgent, a temporary air base or fortilication may be built on private land if the owner consents in writing. I n such a case, section 175 of title 50 does not apply. §9777.

Permits: military reservations; landing ferries, erecting bridges, driving livestock Whenever the Secretary of the Air Force considers that it can be done without injury to the reservation or inconvenience to the military forces stationed there, he may permit— (1) the landing of ferries at a military reservation; (2) the erection of bridges on a military reservation; and (3) the driving of livestock across a military reservation. §9778.

Licenses: military reservations; erection and use of buildings; Young Men's Christian Association Under such conditions as he may prescribe, the Secretary of the Air Force may issue a revocable license to the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations of North America to erect and maintain, on military reservations within the United States and the Territories, Commonwealths, and possessions, buildings needed by that organization for the promotion of the social, physical, intellectual, and moral welfare of the members of the Air Force on those reservations. § 9779. Use of public property (a) When the economy of the Air Force so requires, the Secretary of the Air Force shall establish military headquarters in places where suitable buildings are owned by the United States. (b) The Secretary shall assign suitable space for postal purposes at each air base where there is a post office. (c) No money appropriated for the support of the Air Force may be spent for base gardens or Air Force exchanges. However, this does not prevent Air Force exchanges from using public buildings or public transportation that, in the opinion of the Secretary, are not needed for other purposes. CHAPTER 951.—MILITARY CLAIMS Sec.

9801. Definition. 9802. Damage by United States vessels; towage and salvage of United States vessels. 0803. Admiralty claims by United States. 9804. Salvage claims by United States. 9805. Reports to Congress. 9806. Settlement or compromise: final and conclusive.

§9801. Definition I n this chapter, "settle" means consider, ascertain, adjust, determine, and dispose of a claim, whether by full or partial allowance or by disallowance.