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30 §678.

Reserves: for organizing, administering, etc., reserve components (a) A Reserve ordered to active duty under section 672(d) of this title in connection with organizing, administering, recruiting, instructingyor training the reserve components shall be ordered in his reserve grade. While so serving, he continues to be eligible for promotion as a Reserve, if he is otherwise qualified. (b) To assure that a Reserve on duty under subsection (a) receives periodic refresher training in the categories for which he is qualified, the Secretary concerned may detail him to duty with any armed force, or otherwise as the Secretary sees fit. § 679. Active duty agreements (a) To provide definite terms of active duty (other than for training) for Reserves with their consent, the Secretary concerned may make a standard written agreement with any member of a reserve component under his jurisdiction requiring the member to serve for a period of active duty (other than for training) of not more than five years. When such an agreement expires, a new one may be made. This subsection does not apply in time of war declared by Congress. (b) An agreement may not be made under subsection (a) unless the specified period of duty is at least 12 months longer than any period of active duty that the member is otherwise required to perform. (c) Agreements made under subsection (a) shall be uniform so far as practicable, and are subject to such standards and policies as may be prescribed by the Secretary of Defense for the armed forces under his jurisdiction or by the Secretary of the Treasury for the Coast Guard when the Coast Guard is not operating as a service in the Navy, (d) If an agreement made under subsection (a) expires during a war or during a national emergency declared by Congress or the President after January 1, 1953, the Reserve concerned may be kept on active duty, without his consent, as otherwise prescribed by law. § 680. Active duty agreements: release from duty (a) Each agreement made under section 679(a) of this title shall provide that the member may not be released from active duty without his consent during the period of the agreement— (1) because of a reduction in the actual personnel strength of the armed force concerned, unless the release is in accordance with the recommendation of a board of oiRcers appointed by an authority designated by the Secretary concerned to determine the members to be released from active duty under regulations prescribed by the Secretary; or (2) for any other reason, without an opportunity to be heard by a board '^f officers before the release, unless he is (A) dismissed or discharged under the sentence of a court-martial. (B) released because of an unexplained absence without leave for at least three months, or (C) released because he is convicted and sentenced to confinement in a Federal or State penitentiary or correctional institution and the sentence has become final. (b) A member who is released from active duty without his consent before the end of his agreement made under section 679(a) of