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[71 Stat. 112]
[71 Stat. 112]



Veterans: ^^^e Benefits Act of 1957 83 Amendments 425, 440, 472, 485, 632 Compensation and pensions, disability payments, increase 424 Disability or death, computation of income for non-service-connected pensions, exclusion of State bonuses, 632 Disabled, appropriation for conveyances 180 District of Columbia, appropriation for services to 196 Education Appeals Board, termination. 474 Educational institutions, restriction on funds available for attendance reports 235 Government positions, restoration to former 238 Hospital and domiciliary facilities— Appropriation for 237 Funds for new construction, purchase of sites, restriction on funds 237 Reimbursement for hospitalization and examination of persons other than beneficiaries 238 Insurance, funds available for 237 Pensions, persons confined m penal institutions, prohibition of payment for periods longer than sixty d a y s - , 25 Readjustment benefits, appropriation for 179,212,236 Servicemen's I n d e m n i t y Act of 1951, funds for effecting provisions 237 Unemployment compensation, appropriation for 212 Veterans Administration— Administrator, appointment, authority and salary 91 Appropriation for 179, 235 Insured mortgages, authority to limit charges, fees and discounts 305 Land conveyances to — F a r m Credit Administration in Johnson City, Tenn 450 H e r m a n Hospital Estate, Houston, Tex A85 Medicine and Surgery, Department of— Appointments and compensation. _ 131 Functions 130 Officers and employees 91 Pension laws, administration of, prohibition of certain payments 25 Public relations work, limitation on n u m b e r of employees in 235 Report to Congress 92 Transfer of funds— Public Health Service, Army, Navy, and Air Force Department s 236 Restrictions 237

INDEX Veterans—Continued ^"^^ Veterans Administration—Continued Veterans Appeals, Board of, members, appointment, etc 128 Veterans Canteen Service, purpose, operation, etc 152 Veterans' Remployment Rights, Bureau of, appropriation for 211 Veterans Regulations. See separate title. War Orphans' Educational Assistance Act of 1956, amendments 160 Funds for effecting provisions 236 World War Veterans' Act of 1924, amendments 158, 424 Veterans' Benefits Act of 1957 83 Amendments— Checks, forwarding authority 440 Dependency allowance, increase 425 Disability compensation, peacetime and wartime rates, increase 425 Property left by deceased veteran on Veterans Administration property, shipping charges 472 Pensions, income limitations 632 Widows— Eligibility for benefits 485 Marriage date, determination 485 Amendments of prior laws 157 Effective date 172 Repeals 162 Savings provisions 172 Veterans Day, 1956, proclamation cl6 Veterans of Foreign Wars, recognition of representatives in connection with claims 139 Veterans' Readjustment and Assistance Act of 1952: Amendments under Veterans' Benefits Act of 1957 159, 160 Funds for effecting provisions 211, 212, 236 Veterans Regulations. See also Veterans' Benefits Act of 1957. No. 1 (a)— Part I, paragraph II, (k)-(p), amendments 424 Part II, amendment 424 Part VIII, paragraph 11 (d), amendment 474 No. 10, paragraph X, amendment 485 Vice President-Elect, Inauguration, continuation of authority of joint committee on arrangements B4 Vice President of the United States. See also President of the Senate under Senate. Automobile, appropriation for 245 Office of, appropriation for 13, 244 Salary and expense allowance, appropriation for 244 Vietnam, defense assistance to 357