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[71 Stat. 279]
[71 Stat. 279]



PUBLIC LAW 85-87-JULY 10, 1957


(3) to have access to and inspect and make copies of all the financial books, records, and papers of any person making any solicitation or on whose behalf any solicitation is made; (4) to investigate at any time the methods of making or conducting any solicitation; (5) to issue a certificate of registration to any person filing an application pursuant to this Act; (6^ to suspend or revoke any certificate of registration or solicitor information card, on the ground that the holder of such certificate or card has violated any provision of this Act or any regulation promulgated pursuant thereto. The Commissioners shall give to the interested person or persons an opportunity for a hearing after reasonable notice thereof before suspending or revoking any such certificate or card; (7) to prescribe by regulation the form of and the information to be contained in the solicitor information cards required by this Act, and to prescribe the manner of reproduction and authentication of such cards; and (8) to publish, in any manner they deem appropriate, the results of any investigation authorized by this Act. The Commissioners shall, in publishing the results of any such investigation, have power to publish information concerning the officers and members of the governing board of any organization coming within the purview of this Act: Provided, That such information shall not include membership and contribution lists of any such organization. (b) The Commissioners are authorized to prescribe and collect fees ^«««' for the filing of applications, issuance of certificates of registration, and any other service which this Act authorizes to be performed by the Commissioners. The Commissioners shall fix such fees in such amounts as will, in their judgment, approximate the cost to the District of Columbia of such services. I n fixing such fees the Commissioners may, in their discretion, prescribe either uniform fees or varying schedules of fees based on actual or estimated amounts solicited or to be solicited by registrants or applicants for certificates of registration. No fees may be fixed pursuant to this section until after Public hearing, a public hearing has been held thereon pursuant to reasonable notice thereof. SEC. 4. (a) No person shall solicit in the District of Columbia certificate of unless he holds a valid certificate of registration authorizing such 'Kistration. solicitation. (b) The provisions of this Act shall not apply to any person mak- ^^^'iou/^VT^s °' ing solicitations, including solicitations for educational purposes, solely for a church or a religious corporation or a corporation or an unincorporated association under the supervision and control of any such church or religious corporation: Provided, That such church, religious corporation, corporation or unincorporated association is an organization which has been granted exemption from taxation under the provisions of section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954: ^SA Stat. i63. Provided further, That such exemption from the provisions of this Act shall De in effect only so long as such church, religious corporation, corporation or unincorporated association shall be exempt from taxation under the provisions of section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. (c) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section and sections ^.^_™*'"^'=®"^*** 5, 6, 7, and 9 shall not apply to any person making solicitations (1) Cross. solely for the American National Red Cross or (2) exclusively among the membership of the soliciting agency.