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[72 Stat. 1386]
[72 Stat. 1386]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958


PUBLIC LAW 86-859-SEPT. 2, 1968

[72 S T A T.

5383 (b), covering the production of reserved high acid grape wines, except that— " (A) Natural fixed acid shall be calculated as malic acid for apple wine and as citric acid for other fruit and berry wines, instead of tartaric acid; " (B) Juice adjusted with pure dry sugar as provided in this paragraph shall be treated in the same manner as original natural juice under the provisions of section 5383(b); " (C) Wines made under this subsection may be withdrawn from reserve inventory with a total solids content of not more than 21 percent by weight, whether or not wine spirits have been added; and " (D) Wines made exclusively from loganberries, currants, or gooseberries, shall be entitled to a volume of ameliorating material not in excess of 60 percent (in lieu of 35 percent). "SEC. 5385. SPECIALLY SWEETENED NATURAL WINES. " (a) DEFINITION.—Specially sweetened natural wine is the product made by adding to natural wine of the winemaker's own production a sufficient quantity of pure dry sugar, or juice or concentrated juice from the same kind of fruit, separately or m combination, to produce a finished product having a sugar solids content in excess of 15 percent by weight and an alcoholic content of less than 14 percent Dy volume, and shall include extra sweet kosher wine and similarl}' heavily sweetened wines. " (b) BLENDING, ETC.—The winemaker may blend specially sweetened natural wine from the same kind of fruit either before or after the special sweetening, or with additional natural wine or heavybodied blending wine from the same kind of fruit in the further production of specially sweetened natural wine only, and may cellar treat any such wines as provided in section 5382(c). Wine spirits may not be added to specially sweetened natural wine, nor may such wine be blended except to produce a specially sweetened natural wine. "SEC. 5386. SPECIAL NATURAL WINES. " (a) IN GENERAL.—Special natural wines are the products made, pursuant to a formula approved under this section, from a base of natural wine (including heavy-bodied blending wine) exclusively, with the addition, before, during or after fermentation, of natural herbs, spices, fruit juices, aromatics, essences, and other natural flavorings in such quantities or proportions as to enable such products to be distinguished from any natural wine not so treated, and with or without carbon dioxide naturally or artificially added, and with or without the addition, separately or in combination, of pure dry sugar or a solution of pure dry sugar and water, or caramel. No added wine spirits or alcohol or other spirits shall be used in any wine under this section except as may be contained in the natural wine (including heavy-bodied blending wine) used as a base or except as may be necessary in the production of approved essences or similar approved flavorings. The Brix degree of any solution of pure dry sugar and water used may be limited by regulations prescribed by the Secretary or his delegate in accordance with good commercial practice. "(b) CELLAR TREATMENT.—Special natural wines may be cellar treated as provided in section 5382(c). "SEC. 5387. AGRICULTURAL WINES. " (a) IN GENERAL.—Wines made from agricultural products other than the juice of fruit shall be made in accordance with good commercial practice as may be prescribed by the Secretary or his delegate by regulations. Wines made in accordance with such regulations shall be classed as 'standard agricultural wines'. Wines made under this section may be cellar treated as provided in section 5382(c).