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[72 Stat. 1899]
[72 Stat. 1899]
PUBLIC LAW 85-000—MMMM. DD, 1958

SUBJECT INDEX Capitol Buildings and Grounds—Con. Page House office buildings. See Office buildings under House of Representatives. Legislative garage, appropriation for 449 Library buildings and grounds, appropriation for 450 Property acquisition, authorized 148, 495 Protection, appropriation for 446 Senate office buildings. See separate title. Subway transportation, appropriation for 448 Capitol Police: Appropriation for 57, 446 Capitol Police Board, appropriation for. 446 Compensation rates _. 463 Detail to Capitol grounds 453 Jurisdiction over certain property acquired for Capitol grounds 148, 496 Metropolitan Police, appropriation for detail to Capitol grounds 446 Standards required 453 Capitol Power Plant: Expansion of facilities, appropriation for 880 Heating Government buildings, appropriation for 449 Improvements authorized 1715 Protection, appropriation for 446 Career Compensation Act of 1949, Amendments: Allowances— Dependents assistance, requirements. 127 Personal money for Surgeon General of Public Health Service 127 Quarters, addition of new p a y g r a d e s. 127 Dependents of deceased members, certain travel and transportation allowances 37 PayGrades, additional; limitations. 122, 123, 124 Hazardous d u t y 124 Increases 122 Proficiency 125 Retired 128 Sea and foreign d u t y 125 Special 126 Reports to Congress under 127 Technical amendment 1556 Career Incentive Act of 1955, restriction.. 128 Caribou National Forest, Idaho, boundary extension 608 Cemeteries. See also National Monuments and Memorials. American Battle Monuments Commission. See separate title. Army, appropriation for maintenance of graves in commercial cemeteries 1572 Confederate burial places, maintenance, appropriation for 1572


Cemeteries—Continued Page Congressional, D. C. maintenance of portion to which United States has title, appropriation for 1572 Headstones or markers in National Cemeteries 601, 978 Census, Bureau of the, appropriation for.. 227 Census of Business, appropriation for 227 Central Intelligence Agency, Government employees training program; repeal of former provisions 327, 338 Central Valley Project, Calif., certain studies and report by Interior Department, authorized 937 Chicago International Fair and Exposition, free importation of articles for exhibition 71 Chicory, import duty, suspension 87 Chief Joseph Dam Project, Wash., construction, operation and maintenance of four units by Interior Department for irrigation purposes, authori3ation. 104 Children, Dependent: Benefits, services, etc., under social security, amendments respecting 1022, 1030, 1052, 1055 Grants to States for aid to, appropriation for 471 Children's Bureau, appropriation for 471 Chile, transfer of naval vessels to 376 China, Communist Chinese Government, congressional statement opposing admission to United Nations membership 249, 1101 Cigarettes, technical excise tax c h a n g e s.. 259, 1414 Cigars, technical excise tax changes 1414 Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938: Amendments— Air carriers, operating property and equipment, reinvestment of proceeds from sale or disposition 84 Judicial review of administrative determinations and orders, records of proceedings 947 Funds for effecting provisions 227 Repeal 806 Savings provision 806 Civil Aeronautics Administration: Air navigation facilities, establishment. 228 Appropriation for 227, 865 Construction and development, additional Washington airport, appropriation for 865 Government employees training program; repeal of former provisions.. 327, 338 Grades GS-16, 17, and 18, additional number authorized 228